Collection Assessment

In order to ensure that the Foley Center Library collection meets the needs of our primary users, our students and faculty, the library faculty is engaged in an active assessment of the collection. This assessment includes analyzing the current collection through a variety of statistical measures and also having departmental faculty physically examine the collection for relevance and appropriateness for the needs of their students. The departmental faculty will also determine what should be the appropriate level of acquisition for their discipline. This review will hopefully be done on a seven year cycle in conjunction with university wide program assessment.

A result of this assessment will be a subject specific collection development policy for each department or school. This assessment will outline the areas of emphasis for the department, what types of materials will be purchased and any parameters that will be placed on the collection.

In determining collection acquisition guidelines the library is using the conspectus model with assigns a numeric value to the various collection levels. Each department will assign a numeric values to their current collection and to the desired level of the collection.

The following department collection development policies have been approved:

Dance (pdf)