IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


2015 Officers

Chair: Carlos Limon
Vice Chair: Caitlin Croskrey
Treasurer: Max Hernandez-Brito
Secretary: Mareval Ortiz
Secretary: Ava Zebzda
Public Relations: Kyle Ishikawa
Projects Chair: Mohammed Alshoibi
Mechanical Chair: Cameron Falkenburg
Mechanical Chair: Christopher Frager
Robotics Chair: Cameron Rhodes
Computer Science Chair: Joseph Stauss
Electrical Chair: Derek Bruno
Faculty Advisor: Peter McKenny

Annual Report: IEEE formed to join the common interests, both professional and educational, of students at Gonzaga University. IEEE's mission is to provide a fun and educational environment for all electrically-minded students to learn and grow. This year, IEEE has seen some amazing growth. With the addition of a Micromouse chair to the board, the Micromouse project has taken off with weekly meetings among the various teams. The club also had success with two soldering workshops, which allowed the club members to get hands-on experience with a soldering iron (many thanks to the faculty members who helped this happen!). The club served our community at Second Harvest Food Bank each semester, attended the Region 6 conference in Spokane, hosted a Navy recruiter, and called the incoming class of freshmen to encourage them to continue with their studies of electrical and computer engineering at Gonzaga University.