CEDE Calendars

Gonzaga University School of Engineering & Applied Science

 Senior Capstone CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2016-2017

Wed., 8/31          Initial Senior Capstone Meeting & Overview with students; 3:10 pm; Hemmingson Ballroom
                             Students submit project preferences by 8 am Thursday.  Details at the meeting!

 Wed., 9/7            Fall Workshop & Social, 3:10 - 5:10 pm; Meet your sponsor and advisor to address project goals;
                             Team Photos Taken;  Hemmingson Ballroom; Food & Beverages served

 Wed., 9/21          Academic Session #1 – Project Plan Workshop; 3:10 pm;
                             CE- Jepson 018; EE/Cpen-Herak 301;  ME-Wolfe Auditorium

 Wed., 9/28          Academic Session #2 – Software and Technical Support, Workspace Requests,   
                             Fabrication Information, Ordering materials;    
                             All Groups - Globe Room, Cataldo; 3:10 - 4:30 pm

 Wed., 10/5          Academic Session #3 – Team Work & Communication;  Time Management; Resolving Conflict 
                             Guest speakers:  Renee Larocca and Chris Wheatly
                             All Groups - Globe Room, Cataldo  3:10 - 4:30 pm

 Wed., 10/12        Project Plans due by 4 pm.  Plans must be signed by Faculty Advisor and must     
                             include literature review!  share link with Liaison and DAB

 Wed., 10/19        Project Plan Presentation & Review Session; 3:10 pm – 6:10 pm
                             All students must attend all presentations in room where they are presenting.

 Wed., 11/2          Academic Session #4 – Report Writing; 3:10 pm
                             CE- Jepson 018;  EE/CPEN- Herak 301; ME-Wolfe Auditorium

 Fri., 12/2             Final Projects Status Reports, due by 4 pm, Teams share link with DAB &   
                             Sponsors. Report must identify substantial progress including specific advances and  
                              accomplishments completed since mid-term which reflect the entire team.

Mon., 12/5          Technical/Manufacturing Support form reviewed and signed by Beau Grillo 
                            and Preliminary Cost Estimate due by 4 pm

 Wed., 12/7          Project Status Presentations 3:10 - 6:10 pm;
                             All students must attend all presentations in room where they are presenting.

 Fri., 12/19           Technical/ Manufacturing Support form reviewed and signed by Tech. support person and 
                             Preliminary Cost Estimate due in FolioTek by 4 pm

 Tues., 1/18         Spring Semester Begins

 Wed., 1/25          Academic Session #5 - Working toward Completion – 3:10 pm
                            Locations to be announced

 Wed., 3/1            Project Status Presentations   3:10 – 6:10 pm
                             All students must attend all presentations in room where they are presenting.

 Fri, 3/3                Final Engineering Drawings (Reviewed and Signed by Tech Support staff) into repository by 4 pm   
                              All final orders for supplies placed by today.
Wed., 3/8            Team Photos and Summaries for brochure loaded by 4 pm

 Wed., 4/26          Final Project Reports due by 4 pm, Teams share link with DAB & Sponsors

 Wed., 5/3            Design Exposition Day
                             Displays and Posters in Hemmingson Lobby  10am – 2 pm
                              Final Presentations, 3:10 – 6:10 pm
                             Senior Capstone Celebration!  6:00 – 8:00 pm; Hemmingson Ballroom

NOTE: Meetings and presentations related to CEDE projects are intended to be for the primary benefit of our Design Teams, as well as their liaisons, sponsors, and advisors. Gonzaga University's Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship therefore reserves the right to restrict access for meetings and reporting sessions of our Design Teams. Unless specific permission is obtained from the Academic Director, Toni Boggan, no recording of presentations is permitted. If you have a question, please contact Toni Boggan at (509) 313-3913.