Upper Division Housing

Can you guarantee I can live on campus all four years?


No!  We are not resourced with that much residence hall space.  We ‘require’ students in their first or second year of college to live on campus.  The entire focus of our on campus housing is directed at that ‘Residence Requirement.’ 


There are a few beds left in apartment style each year, and those numbers vary dependent upon enrollment trends.  Left over beds will be offered to students wishing to stay beyond the second year on campus, through an online process beginning sometime during Spring semester.  That process will fill those remaining beds for the upcoming year.  We will not use any ‘wait list’ after that process.


Students not successful in receiving spaces during that process will be assisted with information and support to assist them in beginning to search for spaces off campus.  The Dept. of Housing and Residence Life is tasked with helping all students learn the skill for discernment of off campus opportunities if needed and requested.  Increasingly, group college housing is emerging in our neighborhood and serves students from our campus and the branch campuses across the river from us.  In most instances, those options are a little more expensive, yet substantially more modern in interior amenities.


A few GU bedrooms in upper division apartments will appear as students change their mind about either living on campus or continuing their education at Gonzaga University.  Those ‘bedrooms’, when available, will appear in our virtual bulletin board.