Room Change

Room Changes Closed for Winter Break

We are continuing to get multiple requests to move from one room or building to another.  However, this is a season we do not have the ability to complicate our assignment processes.  Between now and February 1, we focus our small number of vacancies in our system only on those students returning from fall study abroad, incoming Gonzaga Global residents, and other first time or transfer students starting in the middle of the academic year.  These new and returning residents deserve priority and uncomplicated processes so they feel prioritized and welcomed. 

The next opportunity for current residents to move to another space within our system will begin on or around February 1st.

Room Change Procedure:

  • The room change process is designed to allow students some control over their living situation. The first priority in all living situations, however, is to work with students to affect change in their current room and community. Room changes are time consuming for everyone and should be a last option. Any room change impacts many people, including the community of the hall from which the person is leaving and the community the person is joining.
  • Room changes are limited to certain periods each semester. They may be initiated at or after the following periods of the semester:
    • October 1st (approximately 4 weeks after the beginning of fall semester).
    • February 1st
  • If your roommate moves out, expect another roommate to be assigned by the Housing Office at some point during the academic year.  We have international students arriving mid semester, every semester.  In addition, other continuing GU students are also looking to move to vacancies.  Your responsibility is to keep the vacant side of your room clear and ready for occupancy, including closet, drawers, desk, and bed.  You will be charged a fee for the labor of moving your belongings to your side of the room if you have not already done so and a new incoming student checks in.