Residency Requirement

Gonzaga University values deeply the two year on-campus experience as a portion of what you are learning at college.  The University believes what you learn outside of class by living with many, many of your peers is just as important to your eventual social success in adulthood as is your coursework's importance to you eventual intellect and skill in your chosen profession.  Students must serve four full semesters, absent summer terms, in college housing facilities before they are released from this requirement.

It is important to note that this is a University Requirement, yet the Department of Housing and Residence Life is tasked with administering it.

There are just a very few exceptions:

  • Living at home with family in the greater Spokane area.
  • Financial strain - that would trigger a withdraw from GU due to lack of funds.
  • Students entering Seminary.
  • Marriage
  • 21 years old by October of the upcoming academic year.
  • A disability for which the university is unable to accommodate.

There is no current minimum age for students living on-campus.