Protect Against Theft

Protecting your valuables

You should know that many students suffer a loss of valuables due to theft each year, both on and off campus. The fact is that we suffer as much theft as the general population.  We inform our residents through an early summer email, a special clause about this in the Rental Application/Agreement, during first floor and community meetings early in the fall semester, and with programs put on by our department of Campus Security throughout our residences.

Please consider protecting yourself by:

  • Keeping your room door closed and locked when no one is home
  • Keeping valuables out of plain sight both in your room and in your car
  • Do not share your room keys with other students
  • Do not prop security doors to your building or floor open
  • Purchase a good Renter's Insurance Policy

Renter's Insurance

We recommend you check with your insurance agent regarding your coverage while attending college. If you need insurance, you may want to consider the the companies listed below (GU does not offer any endorsement for those listed). They offer reasonable rates and also offer policies for students who live off campus in non University owned facilities.

Whatever you decide, you will want to weigh the costs and benefits of renter's insurance for your particular situation. Rates and coverage will vary widely from company to company so it may "pay to shop around". Additionally, there are many other local insurance agencies that may offer a policy and can be found through a web search. When shopping, compare:

  • The type of coverage
  • Coverage for damage to your personal property from fire, smoke, vandalism, wind, hail, snow, and water
  • Coverage for theft of personal property on and off the premises
  • Amount of deductible - the deductible is the amount you will be financially responsible for before a claim is covered by the insurance agency
  • Living situation - the cost of the policy may depend on your living situation and is based on such facts as the number of units in the building, whether you live alone or with roommates, the construction of the building, and whether you live in or out of the city limits