Mail Services

Welcome to Gonzaga!

Please use the following address format:

Your FULL Name

Gonzaga University

502 E Boone Ave MSC [your number]

Spokane WA 99258

Please take a moment to read some important guidelines for receiving your mail:

  • PLEASE USE THE ABOVE ADDRESS ONLY. DORMS ARE NOT A VALID ADDRESS as delivery trucks are not allowed on campus. All dorms are locked and not set up to receive deliveries.
  • YOUR GONZAGA STUDENT ID CARD IS REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR MAIL. A driver’s license is not a substitute for your Zag card. We must swipe your card to scan packages out of our system.
  • CONFIRMATION OF DELIVERY FROM THE SENDER DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR PACKAGE IS READY TO BE PICKED UP. Please wait until you receive an email from Gonzaga Mail Services notifying you that your package has been processed. If it has been more than 24 hours and you still have not received an email from us, stop by the mail room with your tracking number.
  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO ASK IF YOU HAVE MAIL. We process a high volume of mail with limited staff and we are restricted in the amount of information we can give out over the phone. You must come in person to Mail Services to check on your mail.
  • THIS MSC# IS YOURS UNTIL YOU GRADUATE. You do not need to re-apply for a number each fall. When you graduate (or if you leave Gonzaga sooner) you can close your MSC box and provide us with a forwarding address. We will forward your mail for up to a year (*USPS ONLY)
  • We cannot release packages based on MSC# alone. PLEASE BE SURE to include your full name on all packages. MSC numbers are frequently wrong and we do not want to give a package to the wrong student. Failure to properly address mail may result in delays or items returned to sender.
  • PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL IN ANY ALCOHOL SUBSCRIPTIONS EVEN IF YOU ARE 21. We cannot sign for alcohol deliveries for students.
  • PLEASE DO NOT RUN A BUSINESS FROM YOUR MSC BOX. Our resources are limited and we cannot handle the additional volume of mail associated with a business.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR MSC BOX – even between siblings. This can cause problems with package processing. All students are assigned their own number (upon request).The MSC number you have been given is for you alone.



  • We have hand carts available to borrow for move in. These carts are also available throughout the school year for students to use for large or heavy packages.
  • If you order a new phone for your student, it will arrive with the account holder’s name on it. Please ask the representative to include the student’s name on the package. Your name will not show up in our system and the package may be returned if we do not know who it belongs to.
  • It is possible to send your student refrigerated items. We have a commercial refrigerator and can store perishable items for a short time such as medicine, meal kits and local cupcake deliveries. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ICE CREAM as we do not have the ability to keep it frozen (yes, people have shipped ice cream).

*We are able to forward USPS mail and packages only. UPS and FedEx packages must be returned to sender.

Additional information for mail services on-campus can be found here.