Locked Out and Keys

Key Replacement:

  • Students who have lost their key(s) should contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life. The student’s notification will initiate a lock(s) change, and new keys will be issued.
  • A student’s account will be charged for any lock changes as a result of a lost key(s). Fee amounts are directly related to the actual cost to the University for re- coring a door and thus are different in various residence halls across campus.
  • The University reserves the right to raise this fee during any year to keep pace with parts and labor costs.
  • Lost identification cards which also operate perimeter entry doors may have a different fee structure for their replacement. To replace a card, students should go to the Zag Card Office, located in the basement of Crosby Hall, (509-313-6506)

Lock Outs / “Key-Ins”:

  • It is the University’s expectation that students will lock their room doors and carry their keys/keycards when they are outside their room.
  • The Residence Hall Staff are instructed to utilize their master keys in the event of emergency, policy enforcement and/or official University business. For those very occasional accidental lockouts, students should begin by trying to find a Residence Life staff member to let them in.
  • After exhausting their staff options, a resident may call Campus Public Safety & Security for assistance. Residence Life staff reserve the right to assess $10.00 per occurrence for students who abuse this key-in service.