Facility Occupancy Management

The University reserves the right:

  • To consolidate students in living quarters which are only partially full, even if it means moving a student from one apartment or suite to another, when that effort will assist the university in meeting continuing housing demand.
  • To assign a student arriving to GU (or one already here who needs a new location) to any empty bed in any residence facility.  This also includes empty beds in double bedrooms inside apartment facilities.
  • Roommates receiving a new student to their bedroom will be given direct contact information regarding the student moving in.
  • Suitemates or Apartment mates are not allowed to refuse to admit a new roommate, yet are entitled to advanced notice via Zagmail of the student's new assignment to their living unit.
  • To facilitate room swapping on-line and monitor that activity and intervene with any student who resists the incoming student request for a vacancy in a living unit, unless the empty bed in question has been purchased via a "premium single upgrade" well in advance of the inquiry.
  • Premium Single Upgrades
    • Students with an empty bed in their double room upon fall "check in" have two weeks or upon spring "check in" have one week to notify the Department of Housing and Residence Life they wish to upgrade to a premium single.  After that period of time, a premium single is not available, and the student must accept a student moving to that space from another or a new student arriving to GU.
      • Occupants are expected to be "gracious" to students being assigned a new space, regardless of circumstance.
    • Students in their double room whose roommate moves out because of a room change have 3 business days to request a premium single upgrade.  If a student's roommate is leaving to study abroad or departing the university at the end of the fall semester, they have until the last class day of fall semester to request a premium single upgrade.  After that period of time, a premium single is not available and the student must accept a student moving to that space from another, or a new student arriving at GU.
    • In group living quarters, there is an enhanced expectation for graciousness due to the very nature of sharing space with more than once student, and we reserve the right to reassign any resident(s) who create a hostile environment for one or more residents sharing the space.  See clause #18 in your Rental Agreement supporting such an action.
      • In extreme cases, this reassignment could even take the form of a revocation of permission to live in on campus property and any residence requirement associated with the student.