Training Opportunities

If you want to be a better career development advocate for students, there are several ways you can help! Learning more about what CPD does and sharing that information with students is one of the easiest ways to help them prepare for life after graduation. The tips provided below are an excellent starting point! For a more complete understanding of our services, and to better train as a career guide, we also recommend participating in the Career Kindler Program. Started in 2018, this program has trained 70 Gonzaga University faculty and staff to be better career guides. You can learn more about that program at the Career Kindler section of our site

How to Support Students in Their Career Development

  • Advocate for early career action: Encourage your students and advisees to develop a career action plan that complements their academic plan throughout their four years.
  • Integrate career content into your curriculum: When developing your syllabus, consider incorporating career-related information into one or more of your class sessions (job statistics, career profiles, employment trends, résumés, cover letters, and interviewing).
  • Refer Internships & Jobs: Your connections with employers are so important to our students! The Career & Professional Development office maintains internship and job listings and assists students in preparing for and obtaining a hands-on experience in their chosen field.
  • Refer Students for Career Advising: Students are assisted individually by our career coaching staff. Encourage your students to make appointments using ZagsIgnite.
  • Participate in CPD Events and Programs: Join us at a career fair, networking social, or Trek! Bring you class or student group,