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Who We Are

Our Mission

SLS educates individuals to impact their communities as principled practitioners of leadership, communication, and scholarship.

Our Vision

We will be a renowned school of leadership studies distinctively bridging scholarship and practice for the common good.

Our Values & Commitments

Informed by our Jesuit identity, these values serve as the foundation of our work with students, colleagues, and all those we encounter.

Our Ethos is rooted in the Jesuit Tradition. Our Commitment is to Academic Excellence. Our Leadership is Principled. Our Consciousness is Global.
School of Leadership Studies

Jesuit Ethos

Inspired by the life and teachings of St. Ignatius, we are committed to our work through:

  • Self-awareness: reflection and foundation for continual openness to learning about ourselves and the world;
  • Intellectual curiosity: openness to change and innovations for the purpose of advancing and serving the common good;
  • Care for others: as a source of influence—not fear--because individuals thrive in environments where they feel valued and supported; and
  • Visionary leadership: inspiring and leading others to discover their potential.


Academic Excellence

We are committed to excellence in every dimension of our work with students and within our professional communities. We actively pursue:

  • the creation of challenging and supportive learning environments where students engage with current scholarship, emerging research, and innovative pedagogies in the service of distinctive excellence, transformative learning, and positive organizational and societal impact; and;
  • the presentation and publication of scholarship that engages relevant questions and problems in our world.


Principled Leadership

Moving beyond “command-and-control” forms of leadership, we are committed to:

  • expression of one’s authentic identity as a foundation of leadership;
  • leadership that seeks first to serve, is inclusive, and is committed to the growth of others;
  • belief that the capability for leadership exists in every individual, who inherently possesses dignity, curiosity and worth; and
  • leadership that is distributed throughout organizations—not isolated with one individual—allowing for greater ownership, contributions and commitment by all.
  • continuing our national recognition and internationally renowned work for the practice of servant-leadership, with collaborative work in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 


Global Consciousness

As members of a Jesuit institution and citizens of an increasingly interdependent and dynamic world, we are obligated to assist our students in developing knowledge and skills needed to lead effectively in a global context. Therefore, we:

  • exhibit and teach intercultural approaches to leading and communicating with groups and local communities whose cultural, social, and material standpoints and experiences differ;
  • help students integrate interdisciplinary approaches in their leadership practice; and
  • infuse our learning environments with global perspectives, enabling students to experience accompaniment, engagement and develop intercultural competence.

Please note: The School of Professional Studies has been renamed the School of Leadership Studies as of June 2018.

Explore Leadership Degrees & Programs

CLP Fishbowl Event

The Comprehensive Leadership Program

Our Comprehensive Leadership Program develops future leaders - undergraduate women and men capable of crafting a vision for a better world.

Teambuilding Exercise

M.A. in Organizational Leadership

In Organizational Leadership we challenge you to develop advanced leadership practices, personnel management, conflict resolution, team building, and communication abilities.

Studio Video Session

M.A. in Communication and Leadership Studies

Enhance your strategic and interpersonal communication skills while building effective leadership practices that span personal and professional contexts.

Ph.D. in Leadership Studies

Centered on three dimensions of leadership - personal, organizational and global - students can expect a dynamic learning experience that meets the needs of an ever-changing world.


Leadership Training & Development

Our many Leadership Training and Development programs offer organizations unique opportunities to build capacity, increase motivation, and accelerate leadership development.

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