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 Yoli Gallardo

A Warm Welcome from the School of Leadership Studies 

The School of Leadership Studies invites you to join with us in learning leadership that is transformative and seeks to find the "fullness of being" in every aspect of the human experience. Located in the Inland Northwest region of the United States, we honor and acknowledge the ancestral lands of the indigenous communities of Spokane, including those on whose land this institution is located. Within the Jesuit tradition of education and Ignatius spirituality we nurture leadership for and with others; indeed, we embrace this as a critical space of justice and love.  A hallmark of our approach is the relationships that faculty form with students, listening for understanding and drawing students deeper into a personal and collective journey of reflective learning that leads to the critical awareness of our power, privilege and responsibility to act in ways that supports a more just and caring world.  Our pedagogy is a passageway that “sees life and whole universe as a gift calling forth wonder and gratefulness.”  

As you explore the School of Leadership Studies, you will find a comprehensive offering of undergraduate, graduate and professional education programs that prepare students for leadership practice within complex systems and socio-economic-political-and spiritual contexts.  Interested undergraduate student can pursue a minor in leadership in our Comprehensive Leadership Program, while graduate students have options that include a Master in Communications and Leadership Studies and the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies.  From webinars to certificate programs, we offer a wide variety of community and professional education through the Leadership Training and Development department. With flexible scheduling and technology enhanced learning platforms, students can be located anywhere in the world and are immersed with a community of learners across diverse settings and lived experiences.

In seeking transformation, we are relentless with the pursuit of multiple forms of knowledge; we are shifting paradigms, especially our own; and we join with the margins and allow ourselves to be led.  If you are intrigued with our mission and want to learn more, please contact one of our Advisors. If you are currently a student with the School of Leadership Studies, I warmly welcome you and am I grateful for your contributions to our shared journey and mission.


Yolanda (Yoli) M. Gallardo, Ph.D. 

Interim Dean, School of Leadership Studies
Dean, School of Education


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