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Certificates & Professional Development


Gain the skills and tools to become a confident, strategic leader.

Participants in Gonzaga's Authentic Leadership Program gather for a leadership exercise.

Authentic Leadership Program

Deepen your self-awareness, develop your leadership identity, and enhance your communication skills.

Duration: 3-days overnight, in-person retreat
Format: In-person

Washington Department of Transportation  employees take a design thinking class.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Develop a new mindset and toolbox for addressing organizational and societal challenges.

Duration: 14 weeks (fall or winter/spring)
Format: Virtual

A leadership representative talks with a student.

Foundational Leadership

Improve your leadership through practical learning, mentorship and personalized assessments.

Duration: 9 months (fall though spring)
Format: Virtual and in-person

A nursing graduate poses in front of medical equipment.

Health Care Leadership

Gain the practical knowledge and skills to be an effective leader in health care environments.

Duration: 6 months (winter/spring)
Format: Virtual and in-person

A school principle talks during a leadership seminar.

Servant Leadership

Learn how to shape cultures in which people and organizations thrive.

Duration: 14 weeks (fall or winter/spring)
Format: Virtual

A young woman speaks at a leadership symposium.

Women's Leadership

Develop skills and practices for advancing women in the workplace and working towards gender equity.

Duration: 14 weeks (fall or winter/spring)
Format: Virtual (fall) | In-person and virtual (spring)

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