Embrace your authentic leadership style

The Authentic Leadership Program is a 3-day, in-person leadership experience will deepen your self-awareness, develop your leadership identity, and enhance your communication skills. This experience has been carefully designed for executive and middle level leaders for personal growth and impact. You'll spend three days at the serene Ross Point Conference Center on the Spokane River. 

Led by seasoned leadership experts and practitioners, Dick Mandeville and Kristin Telin, the program hones in on the following: 

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership & identity
  • Courageous communication
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Personal assessments (Checkpoint360 Review, ProfileXT, Emotional Intelligence Profile) with individual debriefs with certified practitioners. 
  • Hands-on, skill-building activities

This immersive experience balances the personal with the interpersonal. It will not only shape your leadership identity but develop the roadmap for infusing this identity into to your workplace and beyond.

What you'll learn

  • Increase self-awareness of your leadership style, strengths, unconscious biases, and growth areas.
  • Develop greater capacity to motivate and engage others.
  • Gain an understanding of emotional intelligence (EQ) and learn skills to increase it.
  • Learn best practices for engaging in difficult conversations, particularly addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Gain strategies for addressing the challenges for executive leadership. 
aerial image of river and trees

Program details

  • Cost: $4,500 | Includes accommodation & meals, and 3 assessments with individual debriefs with certified practitioners. 
  • Payment Options: Payment plans, discounts, and scholarships.
  • Duration: 3-days overnight, in-person retreat. Pre-work starts approximately 1.5 months before the in-person retreat. 
  • Credits: 3 CE Credits
  • Venue & Accommodations A retreat center near Spokane, WA. You will have your own private bedroom and bathroom.
  • Instructors: Dick Mandeville & Kristin Plouffe
  • Next Offerings: May 29 - 31, 2024 
    •  Fall Offering: November 6-8, 2024