Natalie Veto Headshot

Natalie Veto, MS.Tax 2023

Natalie Veto was selected as one out of the 10 students nationwide to receive a $10,000 scholarship through the RSM US Foundation's national scholarship program.

Sam McEwan Headshot

Sam McEwan, MS.Tax 2022

As the MS.Tax Student of the Year, Sam was recognized for overall academic excellence as a graduate student. Sam passed all four sections of the CPA within four months while attending school full-time and working two jobs. He will begin his career with Deloitte in Seattle, WA.

Jessi Bader Headshot

Jessi Bader, MS.Tax 2022

Jessi earned the Graduate Accounting Director's Award for her excellence in the classroom. She will begin her career with BDO in Seattle, working remotely from Spokane. Jessi has a passion to work to correct the inequalities in our tax and financial systems and reduce barriers to exiting poverty for so many in our society.

Tianna Helm headshot

Tianna Helm, MS.Tax 2019

"I can’t imagine a place that would have better prepared me for career opportunities. My courses challenged me, my professors wanted the best for me, and I grew as a whole person. This has allowed me to take my career in any direction I want.”

Chase Ronderos, MS.Tax 2019

Among nearly 75,000 individuals who sat for the CPA Exam in 2019, Chase was one of 137 recipients of the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells Award for his exceptional performance on the CPA Exam.

Sasha Ducey, MS.Tax 2019

According to Sasha, Gonzaga's network of professionals played a huge role in helping her land a job with Deloitte.

Alli Wonn, MS.Tax 2017

Alli passed all four sections of the CPA exam while working as a Graduate Assistant and academic tutor at Gonzaga.

Nicole Sallee, MS.Tax 2017

Nicole realized that a career in accounting provides financial stability, vast potential for growth, and intellectual stimulation.