At Gonzaga, we continuously improve the curriculum based on input directly from accounting employers and from our Advisory Board, which is comprised of representatives from accounting firms across the United States. Input directly from firms allows Gonzaga to offer an innovative curriculum for students. This ensures students develop the skills that hiring firms seek, and the skills that will prepare them for success in their careers. 

All students in the Master of Science in Taxation program must complete 15 core classes, for a total of 29 core credits, and 2 elective credits. The core curriculum provided students with both the essential technical tax skills to become effective and ethical tax accountants.

Core Curriculum

  • MTax 600: Orientation Workshop (0 credits) required in 1st semester
  • MTax 603: Financial Accounting for Income Taxes (3 credits)
  • MTax 604: C-Corporate Taxation (2 credits)
  • MTax 614: S-Corporate Taxation (1 credit)
  • MTax 605: Partnership Taxation (3 credits)
  • MTax 606: Wealth Transfer Taxation (2 credits)
  • MTax 616: Income Tax of Estates & Trusts (1 credit)
  • MTax 607: Taxation of Property Transactions (3 credits)
  • MTax 608: State & Local Tax Concepts (1 credit)
  • MTax 610: International Taxation (2 credits)
  • MTax 612: Tax Theory (2 credits)
  • MTax 620: Tax Planning for Business Transactions (3 credits)
  • MTax 621: Tax Periods & Methods (1 credit)
  • MTax 661: Professional Writing Workshop (1 credit)
  • MTax 664: Professional Ethics (2 credits)
  • MTax 667: Tax Research & Practice (2 credits)

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MTax 613 or MTax 685 (2 credits)

MTax 613: IRS Practice & Procedure (2 credits)
This course studies a wide range of tax procedure and IRS practice, including an analysis of the laws pertaining to tax procedure and how the IRS interprets and applies those laws. The course will include descriptions of how the IRS operates. Suggested techniques for representing clients before the IRS are also presented.

MTax 685: Federal Tax Clinic (2 credits)
The Federal Tax Clinic course offers students an exciting opportunity to become engaged in federal tax controversies involving the Internal Revenue Service and the US Tax Court. Students represent low-income clients in IRS examination and collection matters, including audits, offers in compromise, penalty abatements, innocent spouse claims, appeals, Tax Court cases, and more. Through case work and clinic experience, the students will develop and refine skills in client interviewing, negotiations, research, and advocacy. MSTax students will work with law school students and supervision.

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