Our Favorite Winter Activities in Spokane

On the left, girl in a red 'Gonzaga' tee shirt throws a snowball at another person.  In the background, students are playing in the snow for a snowball fight.

December 22, 2023
Office of Undergraduate Admission

Welcome to Spokane! Enjoy being out in the snow or curling up with your favorite book during the winter? Hear from our Undergraduate Office of Admission about a range of fun activities around Spokane during this time of year.


Aaron Danowski – Gonzaga basketball games in The Kennel

When the days are short and the nights are cold, nothing is quite as invigorating as being part of a raucous crowd in the McCarthey Athletic Center. Basketball season is in full swing in December and January, and as an avid Zags fan, I try to make it to every game. The Kennel was ranked the 3rd hardest environment in college basketball by the coaches this year, and being part of that special atmosphere is something I look forward to every winter!

To learn more about Gonzaga Athletics and Basketball, check out this website. To learn more about Aaron's role in our office, check out his webpage.


Alexa Gaske – Exploring the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

While the museum is open all year, it offers a great indoor alternative during the winter months in Spokane. Located in historic Browne's Addition, the museum and the surrounding neighborhood offer a great look into life in Spokane in the early 1900s. There are also great cafes and restaurants nearby for a quick meal before or after immersing yourself in the museum's latest collection!

To learn more about the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, check out their website. To learn more about Alexa's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Allyson Pratt – Visiting Auntie's Bookstore and Atticus Coffee

Nothing is cozier than a good book and some hot cocoa on a cold winter day. In Spokane, there are multiple bookstores, but a staple that you must visit when in town, is Auntie's Bookstore. With a beautiful collection and a cozy library feel, it’s hard not to grab a couple of books. Afterward, head over to Atticus Coffee for a warm drink and a cozy atmosphere.

To learn more about Auntie’s Bookstore, check out their website.


Becky Stockton – Christmas Tree Elegance

Every year, the Spokane Symphony Association hosts their annual fundraiser called Christmas Tree Elegance! During this 2 week span, there are close to 100 Christmas trees put up in the Historic Davenport Hotel and River Park Square. All the trees have a theme, and you buy raffle tickets and enter to win a tree and all the prizes included! It's such a great time to get dressed up and go look at the beautiful holiday decorations in one of the most historic buildings in Spokane.

To learn more about Christmas Tree Elegance, check out their website. To learn more about Becky's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Becky Doyle – Hockey Games

Get off campus and catch some of the many hockey matches Spokane has to offer this winter season! You can see our own Zags on the ice at GU Club Hockey matches against other regional club teams. You can also stop in for a local Spokane Chiefs game at the arena, that is just a five minute drive from campus!

To learn more about Hockey in Spokane, check out the Spokane Chief’s website. To learn more about Becky's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Brittany Van Blaricom – Snow Tubing Down Mt. Spokane from Bear Creek Lodge

I was really excited when I found out about Bear Creek Lodge because it is a really fun way to get in the snow and go snow tubing while keeping my wallet in mind. Bear Creek is the closest tubing area in Spokane, offering a 90-foot tubing hill. Now I know, climbing back a 90-foot hill after each run sounds like an awful experience; thankfully, they have a rope tow to pull you back up! With the rope tow, you can quickly get back up the hill, allowing you to spend most of your time actually flying down the hill. If you’d like to take a moment to warm up, the lodge is only a short walk from the hill and has a couple cafes and restaurants where you can purchase something warm to drink.

To learn more about Snow Tubing at Mount Spokane, check out their website.


Carie Weeks – Winter Star Walks Outside of City Lights

On a clear winter night, I love to going for walk away from the city lights and look up at the constellations and planets that are visible. Starry walks are especially great during meteor showers, and there are a lot of them in the winter and some great ridges around Spokane from which you can view them. Since it gets dark very early in the winter, my kids have enjoyed the tradition with me--usually accompanied by hot tea or cocoa when we get back inside.

To learn more about Carie's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Claire Silva – Playing in the Snow

Spokane has all four seasons and winter does not disappoint. The snow is soft and fluffy. Perfect for snow creations, snowball fights, ice skating downtown on the ice ribbon, sledding, all the snow sports. I especially love building the perfect snowman. ☃️

To learn more about Claire's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Grace Edwards –Explore South Perry

My favorite area to explore in Spokane is the South Perry District. Grab a hot beverage from The Shop or Meeting House, get some holiday shopping done at Wishing Tree Books, or take a snowy walk through Grant Park. While you're there, check out my favorite Spokane restaurant — South Perry Pizza!

To learn more about the Perry District, check out Visit Spokane's website. To learn more about Grace's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Levi Garcia-Morales – Holiday Lights at Manito Park

If you're ever looking for inspiration to decorate your home or space or just looking for something to do, then take a trip down to Manito Park! The park offers both a drive-thru and a walk-thru display of lights, decorations and more. Be sure to check the dedicated days for each run through!  

To learn more about the holiday lights in Spokane, check out Manito Park's website. To learn more about Javier’s role in our office, check out his webpage.


Lindsey Spencer – Christmas Shopping

We have three main malls, multiple shopping districts, and a thriving small-business community! I personally love finding local shops and artists to support as I find gifts for loved ones. For example, this year I am going to make a point of attending our Terrain Brrzaar , which is a large-scale event full of pop-up shops of local artists and craftsmen.

To learn more, about check out Terrain Spokane’s website. To learn more about Lindsey's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Rosa Velasco – Campfire Igloos at Spokane Restaurants

I love good food and my dog, Kylo, so I'm always a fan of outdoor sitting, however, Spokane can get chilly during the winter months and that's why I love campfire igloos at Bark, Rescue Pub. Campfire Igloos are a unique dining experience where you bundle up and dine in heated igloos, blankets are provided, and 4-legged friends are welcomed. Bark, Rescue Pub is also partnered with the Spokane Humane Society, so guests can interact with rescue cats and dogs during their visit, and some profits such as reservation fees, go to support the work of The Spokane Humane Society.

To learn more about Bark Rescue Pub, check out their website. To learn more about Rosa’s role in the office, check out her webpage.


Sandra Vance – Reading at a Coffee Shop

During the colder winter months, I love to settle into one of Spokane's many coffee shops with a book, or I'll even get some work done! There are so many great spots in Spokane for a cup of coffee, pot of tea, or any other warm drink! I love going to Ladder Coffee, a local coffee shop that roasts their own beans in house. It's a great spot to meet with friends or spend some quiet time on your own.

To learn more about Sandra's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Sara Whelchel –Snowshoeing

When Spokane gets a little too cold for hiking, I switch to snowshoeing instead! Mount Spokane and McKenzie Conservation area have some of my favorite trails. The beautiful views are worth the trek!

To learn more about Sara's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Steve Keller – Winter Trail Running

Many people tend to only think about trail running and access to the outdoors in non-winter months, but the trails in and around Spokane are still accessible year-round. Few experiences are more peaceful than winter trail running. One of my favorite winter activities is to run trails like Iller Creek in the calm morning hours. It's so quiet. The sunrises really feel like they are just for you.

To learn more about Steve's role in our office, check out his webpage.


Theresa Howlett – Ice Skating at Coeur d'Alene on Ice

Outdoor ice skating at McEuen Park in downtown Coeur D'Alene, ID. It has a beautiful view of the mountains and lake and feels like a winter wonderland.

To learn more about Ice Skating at Coeur d’Alene on Ice, check out their website. To learn more about Theresa's role in our office, check out her webpage.


Will Shoup – Winter Walks with Friends

Some snowfalls in Spokane are simply magical. Big, fluffy flakes falling in zero wind. I took a walk recently with one of my oldest friends on a day like this. We walked all over downtown, taking in the Edwardian architecture and Spokane grit in its most beautiful surreal winter state. We chatted, we watched the river, the snow fell. Spokane in the winter is full of little wonders. Make sure you spend some time out in them, even if you have to really bundle up!

To learn more about Will's role in our office, check out his webpage.


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