Our Favorite Spokane Fall Activities

A long brick pathway extends the length of the photograph. This path leads up to a statue of St. Ignatius overlooking a reflection pool. In the background is the front of College Hall, a large red brick building with a concrete entry way with stained glass double doors. In the foreground, there are red and orange leaves falling in front of the camera. It is fall and the colors of the treees in the photo have changed color for the fall season.

October 31, 2023
Office of Undergraduate Admission

What better place to experience a beautiful fall than right here on Gonzaga’s campus? Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons here in Spokane! As the leaves start to change colors and campus starts to get chilly, there are so many things to do in Gonzaga’s hometown! Our Undergraduate Admission team would love to share what their favorite activities are during the fall months here in Spokane.

Aaron Danowski – Enjoying Fall Colors on Campus

Gonzaga's campus is beautiful at all times of the year, but never more so than in October! There are so many trees changing colors all across campus, it never feels like you've fully soaked in the sights, sounds, and smells of fall. My favorite spot is right in front of College Hall, where the St. Al's spires and the St. Ignatius statue are both perfectly framed by bright yellow and orange leaves.

To learn more about Gonzaga’s fall colors, check out the photo tour on our website which features some pictures of fall at GU. To learn more about Aaron's role in our office, check out his webpage. 

Alexa Gaske – Green Bluff Farms

Green Bluff is an area just 15 minutes north of Spokane that is home to friendly farms that provide an abundance of activities like apple picking, a corn maze, and more! It is a great place to get fresh picked fruit, home baked goods and gifts! It provides an amazing atmosphere to take in the beautiful surroundings of the Inland Northwest and spend time with family and friends.

To learn more about Green Bluff Farms, check out their website. To learn more about Alexa's role in our office, check out her webpage. 


Allyson Pratt – Sweater Season

I love finally pulling out all my cute cozy fall clothes and getting to put on the perfect outfit. Spokane has excellent local shopping spots that are great to walk around on a nice fall afternoon and finding that perfect fall sweater!

To learn more about fall fashion and sweater season on campus, check out this article from the Gonzaga Bulletin.


Becky Doyle – Bulldog Bowl

The Bulldog Bowl was one of my favorite fall traditions as a Gonzaga student! This annual tradition is a flag football game which takes place on Mulligan Field for our freshmen students in different residence halls. Freshmen from across campus come together to compete and support their fellow Zags in a long-standing GU tradition!

To learn more about the Bulldog Bowl, check out this article about last year's Bulldog Bowl champions. To learn more about Becky Doyle's role in our office, check out her webpage. 

Brittany Van Blaricom – Baking Fall Treats

Honestly, I love everything about the fall. The changing leaves, the cool morning air, comfy cozy sweaters, Halloween, and so much more! But most of all, I love baking fall treats. As I bake, my home is filled with warm and comforting aromas that remind me of baking cookies and pies with my grandmother when I was younger. Currently my favorite thing to bake is pumpkin bread and apple cider cookies.

To learn more about some favorite fall recipes, check out this website for a Gonzaga favorite recipe, the COG cookie.

Carie Weeks – Pig Out in the Park

My family and I enjoy going to a long-standing food truck festival called Pig Out in the Park. Several days leading up to and over Labor Day Weekend, many food trucks set up in downtown Riverfront Park and show off their culinary skills. The kids really enjoy the glorified grilled cheese, and I'm a fan of the Mediterranean, Thai, and Mexican (and more) options...finishing with huckleberry ice cream, chocolate dipped cheesecake, or mangoes with chili powder for dessert. In addition to all the food, there are artist vendors and musical performances. It's a great city party!

To learn more about Pig Out in the Park, check out their website. To learn more about Carie's role in our office, check out her webpage. 

Claire Silva – Sunny Fall Walks & Pumpkin Donuts

I love putting on my favorite cozy scarf and mittens for a sunny, fall walk on the Centennial Trail and through campus. Also, pumpkin donuts at Green Bluff...the best.

To learn more about pumpkin donuts, check out Beck’s Harvest House’s website detailing about their famous pumpkin donuts. To learn more about Claire's role in our office, check out her webpage.

Levi Garcia-Morales – Spokane Interstate Fair

Spokane has a really awesome fair that happens every September! It features a lot of different activities ranging from a rodeo, to a demolition derby, live concerts, and a huge number of carnival rides and games to play in. And if you ever get hungry, the fair offers a lot of different food stands to check out. Overall, it's awesome!

To learn more about the Spokane Interstate Fair, check out their website. To learn more about Levi's role in our office, check out his webpage.

Lindsey Spencer – Fall Hiking

Spokane has some great, relaxing hiking spots nearby. I particularly love the Bowl and Pitcher and the Painted Rocks trails. With fall cooling down, it's the perfect weather to enjoy a nice nature walk!

To learn more about hiking in Spokane, check out Visit Spokane’s website dedicated to hiking! To learn more about Lindsey's role in our office, check out her webpage.

Rosa Velasco – Crisp Fall Walks

Washington is absolutely stunning during the fall months, especially campus and Spokane. My husband and I love grabbing a cup of coffee and taking Kylo, our Goldendoodle, out on an adventure to campus, a nearby hike, or a park in the surrounding area. Kylo's favorite activity is getting zoomies and rolling around on the colorful leaves that have fallen on the ground.

To learn more about exploring Spokane, check out Visit Spokane’s website. To learn more about Rosa’s role in the office, check out her webpage.


Sandra Vance – Kraziness in the Kennel

Kraziness in the Kennel is an annual tradition during Fall Family Weekend, which usually takes place in early October. Kraziness is the first time fans get to see the men's basketball team take the floor, and it feels as if you're attending an actual home game in the Kennel. The students cheer as each player is introduced and the whole Kennel Club does Zombie Nation. If you haven't heard of Zombie Nation here at GU, you should definitely look it up online! At Kraziness, the team usually participates in various skills challenges and a scrimmage; it's a great way to get to know the team before the season starts!

To learn more about Gonzaga's Kraziness in the Kennel, check out the event’s website. To learn more about Sandra's role in our office, check out her webpage.

Sara Whelchel – Homemade Apple Cider

My absolutely favorite fall tradition is pressing homemade apple cider at Bishops’ Orchard! The orchard is about one hour south of Spokane, and they have wonderful apple and pear trees this time of year!

To learn more about Bishops’ Orchard and their homemade apple cider, check out their website. To learn more about Sara's role in our office, check out her webpage.

Steve Keller – Watching Gonzaga Women’s Soccer

The women's soccer team is so impressive! My family and I love going to Luger Field and watching them play. The best is a Saturday night game against a big rival!

To learn more about Gonzaga Women’s Soccer, check out their website. To learn more about Steve's role in our office, check out his webpage.

Will Shoup – Last Rounds of the Disc Golf Season

As the daylight hours shorten and morning frost becomes the norm, good disc golf days become few and far between. That said, there is some special magic on the course this time of year. Golden brown and yellow leaves, bright red bushes, late-blooming wildflowers in tallgrass, and among the thinning branches: new lines, new pathways through the woods open to the arcing flight of frisbees. There are a few birdies at High Bridge Park that can only be caught in Autumn; go get em!

To learn more about disc golf courses in Spokane, check this website. To learn more about Will's role in our office, check out his webpage.


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