A graphic depiction of an ear, a raised hand and a mouth symbolizing how Ignatian dialogue and discernment can guide civil discourse.

Civil Discourse

Learning occurs by exploring perspectives different from our own, and asking respectful questions that help us understand one another.

Learning based on Ignatian pedagogy steps further, incorporating critical thinking, compassionate listening and openness to changing our minds.

A graphic depiction of a hand pointing symbolizing the importance of discernment during civil discourse

Teaching and Fostering Civil Discourse

What is civil discourse? How can it help us navigate today's challenges and political climate? And how can our Jesuit tradition guide the way?

A graphic depiction of an eye symbolizing the importance attentive during civil discourse


See how university leaders, faculty, students and guest speakers are using civil discourse to explore controversial issues.

A graphic depiction of a raised hand symbolizing the importance of being respectful during civil discourse

Events, Opportunities and Resources

A number of university departments offer resources, design events and provide opportunities to foster civil discourse. Take a look at what's going on around campus and see how you can get involved.