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Portrait of Arturo Garcia Osorio, Lecturer of Modern Languages & Literature—Spanish

Arturo García Osorio, M.A.

Portrait of Luis Garcia-Torvisco, Professor of Modern Languages & Literature—Spanish

Luis García-Torvisco, Ph.D.

Dr. Joe Gardner

Joe Gardner, Ph.D.

Dr. Blaine Garvin

Blaine Garvin, Ph.D.

Dr. Matthew Geske

Matthew Geske, Ph.D.

Portrait of Michelle Ghrist, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Michelle Ghrist, Ph.D.

Profile photo of Professor Gergely Gidofalvi

Gergely Gidofalvi, Ph.D.

Andrew L. Goldman

Andrew L. Goldman, Ph.D.

Portrait of Elizabeth Goldstein, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Jewish Chaplain, Office of Mission and Ministry
  • (509) 313-6788
  • goldstein@gonzaga.edu
Portrait of Richard J. Goodrich, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History

Richard J. Goodrich, Ph.D.

Colleen Goodwin

Greg Gordon

Greg Gordon, Ph.D.

Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy G. Gordon, Ph.D.

Portrait of Jamella Gow, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminology

Jamella Gow, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology & Criminology
  • (509) 313-3628
  • gow@gonzaga.edu
Portrait of David Gracon, Ph.D.

David Gracon, Ph.D.

Allan Greer, Ph.D.

Shane Gronholz, Ph.D.

Profile Photo of Dr. Tomas Guardia, Lecturer of Mathematics

Tomás Guardia, Ph.D.

Vikas Gumbhir, Ph.D.

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