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Studio Photo of Wilson Bailey

Wilson Bailey, Ph.D.

Betsy Bancroft

Betsy A. Bancroft, Ph.D.

Portrait of Fr. Patrick Wanakuta Baraza

Fr. Patrick Wanakuta Baraza, Ph.D.

Barnes Photo

Clarence Barnes, Ph.D.

Profile photo of Professor Monica Bartlett

Monica Y. Bartlett, Ph.D

Henry Batterman

Henry Batterman

Profile photo of Professor John Beck

John H. Beck, Ph.D

Profile photo of Professor Julie Beckstead

Julie Beckstead, Ph.D.

Profile photo of Professor Maria Bertagnolli

Maria "Mia" Bertagnolli, Ph.D.

Andrea Bertotti Metoyer, Ph.D.

Portrait of Kirk Besmer, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy

Kirk Besmer, Ph.D.

Profile Photo of Professor Jeffrey Bierman

Jeff Bierman, Ph.D.

Alexander Bies, Ph.D.

Profile photo of Professor Diane Birginal

Diane Birginal, M.A.

  • Senior Lecturer - Spanish; Modern Languages and Literature; Language Requirement Testing Coordinator
  • (509) 313-3959
  • birginal@gonzaga.edu
Portrait of Kelley Bishop, Lecturer of Modern Languages & Literature, Spanish

Kelley Bishop, M.A.

Chase Bollig

Chase Bollig, Ph.D.

Matthew E. Bolton, Ph.D.

Professor Carla Bonilla outdoors

Carla Y. Bonilla, Ph.D.

David Boose

David L. Boose, Ph.D.

Portrait of Barbara Boyer, Professor of Modern Languages & Literature—French

Barbara Boyer, Ph.D.

Profile photo of Professor Dan Bradley

Dan Bradley, Ph.D.

Portrait of  Joan Braune, Ph.D. , Lecturer of Philosophy

Joan Braune, Ph.D.

Portrait of Laura Brunell Professor of Political Science & Chair of International Studies

Laura Brunell, Ph.D.

Portrait of Dr. Angela Bruns, Assistant Professor Department of Sociology & Criminology

Angela Bruns, Ph.D.

Robert Bryant

  • Professor of Computer Science; Director of Computer Science & Computational Thinking Program
  • (509) 313-3906
  • bryant@gonzaga.edu

Patrick Burke, Ph.D.

Daniel S, Butterworth, Ph.D.

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