The SOSJ minor is comprised of 21-credits in four semesters. Please see the catalog for details.

Not necessarily. Check the attributes for the course on Zagweb, or consult with your advisor, to determine whether a specific course carries the social justice designation, which will fulfill the University Core social justice designation requirement.

No – the SOSJ minor is a separate academic program. Only the courses specifically listed under the SOSJ minor in the catalog will count towards the minor. Social justice designated courses do not automatically qualify to be electives for the SOSJ minor.

Sufficient numbers of SOSJ courses will be available to allow flexibility in planning with various majors. Depending on their course loads, students are generally able to complete the minor in three to five semesters.

Below is an example of what an SOSJ minor might look like:

Fall year 1 (3 Credits)

SOSJ 101/SOCI 105 Introduction to Solidarity and Social Justice

Spring year 1 (6 credits)

SOSJ 410/PHIL 408 Theories of Solidarity and Social Justice

SOSJ 320/ECON 320 Work, Wages and Inequality

Fall year 2 (6 credits)

SOSJ 346/POLS 368 Tyranny to Democracy in the 21st Century

SOSJ 160/JOUR 110 Journalistic Writing

Spring year 2 (6 credits)

SOSJ 462/COMM 480 Ethnography

SOSJ 499 Solidarity and Social Justice Praxis

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