Past Flannery Lectures

Spring 2018 - Dr. Kristin Heyer, Professor for Theological Studies, Boston College

Cultivating Civic Kinship: A Christian Ethic of Immigration (No print flyer available)

Fall 2017 - Fr. Daniel Groody, C.S.C., Ph.D.

Passing Over: Migration, Theology and the Eucharist

Spring 2017 - Dr. Patrick McCormick

American Religious Violence: Examining the Beam in Our National Eye

Fall 2016 - Dr. Amy Levad

Violence and Our Prison Society: Catholic Moral Theology and the Work for Justice Peace, and Reconciliation

Spring 2016 - Dr. John Haught

Science, Theology, and Pope Francis's Ecological Vision

Fall 2015 - Sr. Ilia Delio

Evolution and the Power of Love: Towards a Holistic Consciousness

Spring 2015 - Dr. Jaennine Hill Fletcher

Love in a Weighted World: The Broken Heart of Catholic Identity

2014 - Dr. M. Shawn Copeland

Toward a Mystical-Political Theology of Solidarity

2013 - Dr. Richard R. Gaillardetz

Vatican II: An Unfinished Building Site

2012 - Rev. Brian Massingale

Cultured Indifference: The Culture of Racism and Catholic Ethical Reflection

2011 - Mary Catherine Hilkert, O.P

The Hint Half-Guessed: Human Life as a Sacrament

2010 - Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson

Empty Religion: Islam and Christianity's Common Peril

2009 - Dr. Peter C. Phan

Forming Catholic Identity in an Age of Religious Pluralism

2007 Margaret Farley

Gender, Sexuality, and Ethics

YouTube Videos

Fall 2018 - Dr. Andrew Prevot


Spring 2018 - Dr. Kristin Heyer


Fall 2018 - Dr. Daniel Groody


Spring 2017 - Dr. Patrick McCormick


2016 - Dr. Amy Levad


2015 - Dr. Jeannine Hill Fletcher


2014 - Dr. Shawn Copeland


2013 - Dr. Rick Gaillardetz


2012 - Rev. Bryan Massingale


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