About the Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics offers three degree programs: Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, Bachelor of Science in mathematics, and Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics. We also offer two minors.

Our department provides training in both the discipline of mathematics and its applications. Teaching in the Jesuit tradition of education, we focus on developing not only mathematical skills, but also critical thinking and expression skills through intensive study in philosophy, religious studies, composition and literature, and other disciplines in the humanities.

We also provide exceptional undergraduate research experiences, including opportunities offered as part of Gonzaga's Center for Evolutionary Algorithms. Recently, our students have received funding for their research through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

In addition to our academic and research programs, our department leads educational outreach to serve both the Gonzaga campus and Spokane community. Our outreach programs include the Math Tutoring Lab, a free resource to Gonzaga students proctored by mathematics professors and selected students; and the Saturday Mathematics Tutoring Program, which provides free tutoring and enrichment for local K-12 students. We also host the Spokane Regional Mathematics Colloquium, a forum showcasing recent innovations in the research and pedagogy of mathematics.


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