Photography and Film

Photographic Art

Photographic Art (VART 170) explores the role of photography in media and art as well as contemporary human experience. The course emphasizes creative control of digital cameras and an understanding of the principles of photography in creating images with technical and high aesthetic value.

Creative Filmmaking

Creative Filmmaking (VART472) is an exploration of moving images and digital video as they relate to documentary films and art. Students learn how artist employ digital video and moving images with artistic work. They also learn how to apply fundamental visual strategies of digital media and technological tools, including media editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, to the creation and editing of video

The Visual Literacy Minor 

Gonzaga offers a Visual Literacy minor in an interdisciplinary hands-on program that focuses on the study and production of film, video, photography, design, and other forms of visual media. Learn more about the Visual Literacy Minor