Telling War Photo and Video Gallery

Our gallery captures photos and video from past events. We are grateful to our guest speakers and event participants for taking part in Telling War.

Telling war banner hangs from a outdoor venue.

Session #4 — Telling War Dialogues - Getting Back to Nature

Our final event for spring 2018.

See the photo gallery from this event.

Decorative photo of Telling War paper project

Session #3 — Telling War Dialogues - Paper Making & Book Binding

Exploring Your Personal Relationship with War

See the photo gallery from this event.

The book titled Six-Word War with an image of author Mike Nemeth

Session #2 — Telling War Dialogues - Mike Nemeth

Mike Nemeth, US Army Veteran and editor of Six Word War was a guest for the Telling War dialogue sessions. His discussion included exploring veterans relationship with war.

See the photo gallery from this event.

Kevin Powers, Iraq Veteran and author of Yellow Birds

Session #1 — Telling War Dialogues- Kevin Powers

Kevin Powers is an American writer, poet, and Iraq war veteran. He was a guest speaker at Gonzaga University discussing his novel, The Yellow Birds.

See the photo gallery from this event.

Telling War Military Veterans Initiative Peace Paper Project Event Flyer

Veterans Day Paper Project

This unique experience brought veterans and their families together to learn the art of paper making. From this experience came finished works of art, experiences of war shared, and new friends made.

See a video and the photo gallery from this event.

ZagFam Weekend

Gonzaga's ZagFam Weekend provided an opportunity to introduce the Telling War Project to families of current students visiting the campus. This well attended event provided a detailed overview of Telling War and its impact on the local Veteran's community.

See a video from this event.

Dr. Lisa Silvestri Discusses Telling War

This video introduces the grant and Dr. Silvestri's plans for the program within the greater Spokane community,

See a video from this event.

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