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DPLS 717 Leadership and Film
3.00 credits
This course initiates a thoughtful consideration of the nature of leadership as depicted in film. Through seeking understanding in dialogue with fellow learners, students are encouraged toward greater discernment of the person, the collective, and the context with regard to the dynamic systems involved in leadership. Film provides unique insights to investigate character and motive, as well as culture, allowing us to access meaning and significance through theoretical, analytic and dialogic inquiry. The course helps form in students the ability not only to be leaders, but in the words of Robert Frost, "awakeners." Through the time spent viewing films and entering into discourse, we will become more sophisticated observers and practitioners of leadership as we seek to understand the essence of leaders through artistic representation. Reflection, introspection, and personal engagement aimed toward a richly layered encounter with the lives of leaders contributes to the formation of a more enduring and authentic leadership response to personal, organizational, and global complexities.