COVID-19 Updates and FAQs

Fall 2021

Though not all study abroad programs are operational, Gonzaga does currently have students studying abroad Fall 2021.  Gonzaga required all participants to be vaccinated, not allowing for exemptions waivers.  Each program has different regulations and policies related to COVID-19 protocols based on the host country.

Spring 2022

Gonzaga is proceeding with Spring 2022 study abroad programs, though some programs are still suspended due to the pandemic.  Some programs are still accepting applications until October 1, 2021.  Gonzaga requires all participants to be vaccinated and will not accommodate exemptions waivers. Each program has different regulations and policies related to COVID-19 protocols based on the host country. For specific information about our programs, process and policies, contact

Summer 2022

Gonzaga is proceeding with Summer 2022 short term faculty led study abroad programs. We anticipate the pandemic may continue to impact the ability of programs to run and a final determination on a program proceeding or getting cancelled will be made on February 1, 2022.  The Study Abroad Office, faculty leaders and GU administrators are in regular dialogue surrounding program logistics, planning and contingencies to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff for programs running in Summer 2022.

General FAQs

The date a student can withdraw from their study abroad program will vary by the specific program.

  • For GIF, please contact Erin Schultheis
  • For all other programs, please contact your study abroad advisor directly or email to confirm the withdrawal and refund policy for your specific program.

At this time, we strongly recommend not purchasing airfare until instructed to do so by the Study Abroad Office or the host program. Program dates for some programs may be subject to change.


The Study Abroad Office continues to remain in frequent contact with all our study abroad partners and institutions about the status of the on-site programs.  As new information and updates are available, they will be shared with participants. Circumstances on-site at our study abroad locations may dictate cancelling a program by the host institution or Gonzaga. 


The pandemic continues to impact study abroad programs - some in small ways, others in larger ways.  We encourage students to do research and engage with the Study Abroad office to learn more about the impact COVID-19 may have on a specific program or location. 


Please consult your healthcare provider to ensure you can bring any medication you’ll need, and to address any health concerns. If you have underlying health conditions that might put you at higher risk for infection or serious complications of COVID-19, talk with your doctor to decide if travel is advisable at this time and, if it is, how to manage your health abroad. Be sure you are up to date on all routine vaccines including the seasonal flu shot.


Flexibility: As in the United States, conditions and recommendations abroad are constantly changing as the public health community and leaders learn more about COVID-19. Just like on Main campus in Spokane, GIF and our partner institutions will need to respond by adjusting recommended protocols, class schedules, field study or activities, etc., sometimes with very little notice. Please prepare to be flexible. At some point in the semester, you may need to isolate for a period of time as a result of illness, exposure, or a community lockdown.

Respect: As a Jesuit institution, we must live out our values of mutual respect and support for one another. Taking steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection (or any other spread of disease) is a shared responsibility. You will find your host country’s approaches to COVID-19 may be different from those in the U.S. Take the opportunity to learn and ask questions while remembering to approach your local community with grace and respect.

Compliance: Any measures implemented to protect you and the community from COVID-19 are only effective if they are followed by everyone. Laws and guidelines regarding social distancing and other practices may be updated at any time and GIF and our partner organizations abroad will require all students to comply with all local guidance. This may include monitoring temperatures, hand washing, wearing masks, hand sanitizing, social distancing, and cooperation with recommended COVID-19 testing and contact tracing processes. Failure to comply with these rules and precautions could be a violation of Gonzaga’s or the program’s Code of Student Responsibility or Conduct. We ask students to comply for the benefit of the community, even when no one is watching.