Mark R Muszynski, Ph.D., P.E.

Chair & Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Mark Muszynski has eight years of full-time experience in civil and geotechnical engineering, and has been involved in engineering consulting for an additional decade since. He has worked on projects and sites for all types of clients including industrial,...

Mark Muszynski

Contact Information

Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Civil/Geotechnical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013 

M.S. Civil/Geotechnical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 2000

B.S. Civil/Structural Engineering, Michigan Technological University, 1998

Courses Taught

CENG 225 Engineering Geology

CENG 331 Soil Mechanics

Past Semesters

CENG 331L Soil Mechanics Lab

CENG 391 Civil Eng Design & Practice

CENG 464 Ground Behavior for Structures

ENSC 481 Construction Management

Mark Muszynski has eight years of full-time experience in civil and geotechnical engineering, and has been involved in engineering consulting for an additional decade since. He has worked on projects and sites for all types of clients including industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential, and has personally evaluated ground conditions and provided engineering recommendations on over 500 sites. Mark is a licensed professional engineer in the states of Washington and Michigan.

He has participated in engineering conferences as a speaker, and has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles and conference proceedings. Much of his early personal research, conducted while still in full-time practice, focused on increasing the quality of engineering parameters for foundation design simply by incorporating some additional observations from conventional soil testing.

Additional research interests include soft ground behavior, shearing/micromechanics modeling of granular materials, in situ (in place) soil testing, effects of earthquakes on foundation elements related to transportation infrastructure and lifelines, and professional practice issues.

Professor Muszynski's teaching philosophy includes bringing his experience to the classroom to promote high levels of interest in the subjects taught, while presenting the material in a way that nurtures the natural desire of the student with regards to gaining a solid understanding of the important engineering concepts.

Refereed Journals

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Conference Proceedings

  • Muszynski, M.R. (2017). “Dynamic Cone Penetrometer and Relative Density Relationships for Uniformly-Graded Sands” U. of Minnesota Geotechnical Conference, February 24, 2017, Minneapolis, MN
  • Niezgoda, S.L., Muszynski, M.R., and Navickis-Brasch, A., (2016). A Critical Review of Permeable Asphalt Behavior and Performance to Guide Application to Arterial Streets in Cold Climates, Conference: World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2016, DOI:10.1061/9780784479865.008.
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Electronic Journals and magazines

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