M. Kate Kearney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Kate Kearny

Contact Information

Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Mathematics, Indiana University

M.A., Mathematics, Indiana University

B.A., Mathematics, Grinnell College

Courses Taught

MATH 157 | 258 | 259 Calculus-Analytic Geometry I, II, III 

MATH 231 Discrete Structures

MATH 301 Fundamentals of Mathematics

MATH 341 Modern Geometry

MATH 351 Combinatorics and Graph Theory

MATH 361 Selected Topics: Knot Theory

MATH 459 Topology

A Classification of Klein Links as Torus Links, S. Beres, V. Coufal,K. Hlavacek, M. K. Kearney, R. Lattanzi, H. Olson, J. Pereira and B. Strub, Involve: a Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 11 (2018)

Stable Concordance Genus of Knots, M. Kate Kearney, New York J. of Mathematics 20, (2014)

The Concordance Genus of 11–crossing Knots, M. Kate Kearney, J. Knot Theory Ramifications 22, 13 (2013)

Geometric Topology

Knot Theory

Knot Concordance