Christina Isabelli, Ph.D.

Chair & Professor - Modern Languages & Literature; Academic Director - Center for Global Engagement

Second language acquisition, Spanish applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, foreign language teaching methodology

Portrait of Christina Isabelli, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages & Literature; Department Chair

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Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. University of Texas - Austin, Ibero-Romance Philology and Linguistics

M.A. University of Iowa, Spanish Literature and Linguistics

B.A. Illinois State University, Spanish and Mathematics

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

EDTE 454/554T Secondary Methods - World Languages

FYS 193 Language and Identity 

ITAL 102 Elementary Italian II 

MTSL 690 Applied Phonology

SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I

SPAN 318 Medical Spanish

SPAN 360 Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 361 History of the Spanish Language

SPAN 362 Spanish Phonology & Phonetics

SPAN 400 Spanish in the US: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

SPAN 499 Spanish Capstone


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Recent Articles:

Isabelli-García, C., Bown, J., Plews, J.L., & Dewey, D.P. (2018). Language learning and study abroad. Language Teaching, 51(4), 439-484. 

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Second language acquisition, Spanish applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, foreign language teaching methodology