Kristine F. Hoover, Ed.D.

Professor, Organizational Leadership & Department Chair

Dr. Kristine F. Hoover is a professor and chair of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program where she leads the Change Leadership concentration. Some of her past leadership positions include director of the Gonzaga Center for the Study...

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Education & Curriculum Vitae

Ed.D., Leadership Studies, Bowling Green State University

M.B.A., Bowling Green State University

M.O.D., Bowling Green State University

B.Arch., Architecture, University of Cincinnati

Courses Taught

ORGL 515 Leadership and Human Potential

ORGL 516 Relational Dynamics and Organization Development

ORGL 517 Organizational Transformation and Change

ORGL 605 Imagine. Create. Lead.

ORGL 610 Communication and Leadership Ethics

ORGL 693 Gonzaga on Camino

Seminars: ExperienceChange, ExperienceInnovation

Dr. Kristine F. Hoover is a professor and chair of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program where she leads the Change Leadership concentration. Some of her past leadership positions include director of the Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate, chair of the Washington State Legislative Ethics Board, and trainer for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She came from Bowling Green State University in Ohio to Gonzaga in 2009, drawn by its Catholic, Jesuit, Humanistic mission.

Under Dr. Hoover's directorship, the Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate has continued to publish the Journal of Hate Studies, a peer reviewed academic journal, and honored the legacy of holocaust survivor Eva Lassman through the Take Action Against Hate and Student Research awards. She designed new courses at the freshman, senior, and graduate levels to support students’ understanding of why people hate and leadership to counter hate. Her most recent publications include Countering Hate: Leadership Cases of Nonviolent Action, which explores the leadership of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things to build inclusive communities and counter hate groups across the United States.

Projects currently underway include the creation of a digital archive honoring the leadership of photographer Diana Gissel, who documented the demise of the Idaho Aryan Nations compound; the creation of a documentary honoring the lifetime achievements of Dutch Resistance fighter Carla Peperzak, a woman whose leadership directly saved the lives of 40 people from Nazi extermination and who continues to educate the next generation about the importance of tolerance and inclusion; and the PNW MOSAIC, an online storytelling resource to acknowledge and celebrate people and places of the Pacific Northwest: Mapping Othering, Strength, & Allyship In Community.


Hoover, K. F. (2020). Countering hate: Leadership cases of non-violent action. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. ISBN 9781792406126.

Book Chapters

Mohr, J. & Hoover, K. F. (2020). Leadership as dismantling othering and constructing a sense of belonging. In J. Bruce & K. McKee (Ed.) Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism (pp). San Francisco, CA: Josey Bass. 

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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