Know Before You Go

Gonzaga 2021 Commencement Ceremonies

As with all things during the pandemic, please be aware that plans are provisional and may be changed by state and local officials. We will be in touch immediately with any new information. Please download our Commencement 2021 app, available May 3, to stay informed:

• Yapp! ZAGGRAD21:

What to Bring

Prepare for Weather: Union Stadium is an outdoor stadium; please be prepared for inclement weather. We ask that you not bring umbrellas so as to not impact other guests’ viewing of the ceremonies. Rather, please feel free to bring ponchos and hats.

Layers and Footwear: Given the outdoor venue, it is recommended that you dress in layers as our May weather can be unpredictable.

Given the stadium’s artificial turf, guests may wear molded sole shoes, tennis shoes, or wedge sandals (high heels are not allowed). While many guests will be seated in bleachers, please be prepared to have field seating by wearing this footwear.

Seat Cushions: As many guests will be seated in bleachers, please feel free to bring a seat cushion.

Animals: No animals, except service dogs, will be allowed into the Stadium.

Clear Bags: To keep our attendees safe, we require clear bags only.. Please note that non-clear bags will not be permitted in the Stadium, and you will be asked to return them to your vehicle. No storage for bags is available.

Student Attire: Custom rental attire is required for student participation, and the order deadlines have passed. A limited supply of inventory will be available for rent in the Zag Shop beginning May 3. Rented attire can be dropped off at the Zag Shop in home-ship box with label, or mailed back to Herff Jones or Jostens.

Pre-Order Flowers: Guests that have pre-ordered flower bouquets will be available at the ceremony venue. Visit the Commencement Website to order.

Prohibited Items: Please note the following items that attendees cannot bring:

  • Alcohol
  • Outside food and beverage
  • Large signs and umbrellas
  • Non-Clear Bags
  • Firearms (even with carry permits)
  • Noisemakers

Wheel Chair Rentals

All wheelchairs in the HC are rented out for the weekend. Disabled seating is available in every guest seating area, but we recommend choosing the field for easiest access.

Please contact our office for more information: (509) 313-4053


4 Guests Per Student: State and local public health requirements require that we keep the number of people in Union Stadium at 25% capacity. Our plan allowance is for each attending student to provide a ticket to up to 4 guests. Guests will be seated according to household groups. If a graduate does not plan to use their allotment of 4 guests, we are unfortunately unable to provide unused tickets to another family/household. Please note there will not be an extra ticket distribution.
Ticket Distribution: The guest ticket distribution system will go live on April 28 (a link will be emailed directly to all graduates). Students will need to use their student ID number to request tickets. Instructions will guide students on how to provide tickets to their guests.

Please note that tickets will be scanned at the guest entrance gates.

When You Arrive

Parking: The event venue is about 20 minutes north of campus. A venue map and directions will be available soon. The parking lots in the area are spread out, and there are limited spaces available. Please carpool with your guest group if you can. It is highly recommended that you arrive together. Guests will enter at the East gate and Students will enter at the West gate. Attendees that require assistance may be dropped off at the East gate before parking.

Arrival Time: Given the number of ceremonies, please do not plan on arriving more than 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled ceremony start time.

Entering the Facility

Guest Arrival: Guests will enter at the South and East ends of the facility (2 gates available, denoted by signage). When you arrive, your ticket will be scanned. Please feel free to bring a print-out version of your ticket or have it pulled up on your mobile device.

Students, Faculty and Staff Arrival: Students, Faculty and Staff will enter at the West end of the facility. You will not need to have a ticket but rather will need to show your ZAGCARD for entry. Students will receive instructions on accessing a special student entrance at Union Stadium, how to check-in and be seated. Please arrive 30-minutes prior to your ceremony.

At the Venue & During the Ceremony

Safety Procedures: All aspects of the event have been modified for safety procedures, and a contact-less stage moment:

  • Masks are required at all times
  • Distancing is required at all times
  • Sanitation processes will occur between each ceremony

After the Ceremony

When the ceremony concludes, there will be no gathering space available to ensure that setup and preparation for additional ceremonies can begin expeditiously. We strongly encourage you to exit the facility through the same entrance you used upon arrival and pre-identify a meet-up location with your student in a location other than the parking lot and/or facility.

Participating Remotely

Each Ceremony will be fully live-streamed real-time. At the start of each ceremony a link will be available on this page for those who wish to participate remotely (there is no log-in required). Please note that those graduates that are participating remotely will be recognized during the Ceremony program. All ceremonies will be recorded and shared after each event.

If You Are Planning to be On-Campus During Commencement Week

During Commencement week, the University’s current visitor guidelines will be slightly amended, however all health and safety protocols such as mask wearing and distancing must continue to be followed. Learn more here.

From Wednesday, May 5 at 7:00 AM until Monday, May 10 at Noon, guests will not need to pre-register as they have throughout the academic year.

Please note that all buildings will be locked. If a guest (parents/family members) need to access a building, they need to be with their student whose ID can gain entry.

If you need any assistance, colleagues from the Commencement teams and the Parent and Family Office will be available to assist you.

To Learn More, Contact Angela Ruff, Manager of Academic Events

Send a message
College Hall 335 or Ad Box 100
Spokane, WA 99258