Academic Honors Convocation

Next event:  April 23, 2019
Check back here for 2018-19 awardees after April 10.  Event will be streamed live via this page.

2017-2018 Academic Honors Convocation
Watch the recorded event from last year:

Academic Excellence Faculty Awards 2017-18

Faculty awards are granted through an open nomination process and thoughtful review by the peers serving on the Faculty Award Committee. 

  • Academic Citizenship -Rob Donnelly, History
  • Collaborative Work - Danielle Xu, Finance and Tim Olsen, Business MIS
  • Diversity Leadership - Dan Stewart, Entrepreneurship
  • Open (Tenured) - Brian Cooney, English and Center for Public Humanities
  • Open (Non-Tenure Track) - Katey Roden, English and Center for Digital Humanities
  • Professional Contribution (Tenured) - Matt Rindge, Religious Studies
  • Professional Contribution (Tenure-Track) - Melody Alsaker, Mathematics
  • Teaching Excellence (Tenured) - Dan Bradley, Philosophy
  • Teaching Excellence (Tenure-Track) - Sara Diaz, Women and Gender Studies
  • Teaching Excellence (Non-Tenure Track) - Kathy Nitta, Teacher Education

Student Academic Achievement Awards 2017-18

Highest GPA Awards

  • First Year Class Award - Rachel DeSimone
  • Second Year Class Award - Anthony Kaskurs
  • Third Year Class Award - Peter Gray
  • Fourth Year Class Award - Ashley Just (Recognized at Undergraduate Commencement)
  • William A. Garrigan, SJ Award - Katherine Phillips (Recognized at Undergraduate Commencement)

Departmental Awards 

  • Anthony T. Wadden and Michael B. Herzog Award (English) - Hailey Maher and Madison Schreiter
  • Community Engaged Learning Student of the Year - Austin Johnson
  • Eva Lassman Memorial Student Research Award (Institute for Hate Studies) - Taylor Carnevale
  • Human Physiology Major of the Year - Nathaniel Disser
  • Jefferson Scholarship, Political Science - Connor Ffrench and Weston Hart
  • Jerome Nadal, SJ, Returning Adult Award - Marvin Cunningham
  • Jerry Kohls Excellence in Philosophy - Jessica Herron
  • Pat Ruzyla Nursing Award - Diane Hurd and Paul Fickes
  • Scholar Athlete of the Year - Jordan Thurston, Cross Country and Nicholas Ulowetz, Soccer
  • School of Business Administration Excellence - Emmy Billmaier and Valerie Wirfel
  • School of Education Excellence Award for Elementary Education - Mary Armstrong
  • School of Education Excellence Award for Secondary Education - Elana Zykan
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science Outstanding Senior - Kyle McCrohan