Easter Message From President McCulloh

Tonight, the final days of the Lenten Season conclude with the beginning of the Holy Days of the Paschal Triduum.  The observance of the Last Supper and the Passion of our Lord is a time of solemn reflection which ultimately becomes rejoicing in the realization that the central message of Easter is, at its core, about God's profound and eternal love for each of us.

St. Ignatius instructed his early companions to “go out and find God in all things,” and finding God in all things remains a central tenet of Ignatian spirituality.  As many have observed, this instruction is sometimes easier said than done.  The Lenten season affords us the opportunity to reflect upon our own relationship with God and the ways we experience the Divine in our peers and colleagues, in our care for the Earth, and through our interactions with those in our community and broader circles.  The observation of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection becomes an invitation to emulate His life by relating to, and with, one another with love, compassion and forgiveness.

Tomorrow evening also begins the observation of Passover, a Jewish holiday which celebrates God’s love for His people through their liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt. Cognizant therefore that members of our community from numerous religious traditions are this weekend commemorating significant expressions of their faith, I simply wish to express my own thanks for each member of our Gonzaga Community: our students, faculty, staff, Jesuits and administrators; the families and friends who support and love us; our Trustees and Regents, Alumni and many benefactors.  May this season be a time of renewal and new life for all of us.  I pray that those traveling this time to be with family or friends will do so safely and return without incident.  And may the Peace of Our Lord always be with you.

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
President, Gonzaga University

March 29, 2018