Thoughts Prayers For Those Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

Even as Hurricane Harvey transforms into a smaller storm, the full impact of what is now the wettest tropical cyclone on record is only now coming into full view.  FEMA Director Brock Long has characterized the storm as “the worst disaster in Texas history,” with 39 identified deaths and literally tens of thousands of people displaced from homes fully or partially submerged.

Massive storms such as this remind us of the enormous power of nature to disrupt and damage – as well as the extraordinary capability of people to persevere and come together to heal and rebuild.  Along with the many heart-wrenching stories we have heard, there have been numerous inspiring displays of heroism, compassion and grace.

There are seventy-three (73) students from Texas and Louisiana currently enrolled at Gonzaga, fifteen (15) of whom are from the thirty-five counties most affected by this disaster.  Members of our Student Development Division - Center for Cura Personalis have been reaching out to these students to see if there are specific ways in which we can support them during this difficult time.

It is clear that, for the people of Texas and Louisiana, there are many immediate needs to be addressed and that recovery efforts will take many months.  I invite the entire Gonzaga community to join me in thoughts and prayers for the safety and continued support of everyone affected by this extreme weather event.  As rescue and relief efforts continue, I ask that you please keep all those who have been impacted by this natural disaster, including members of the Gonzaga community, in your prayers.

Various charities are working tirelessly to serve people, pets, aid workers, and entire communities with the support they need.  The Red Cross has set up a special donation website at and the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops has a list of charities helping with the disaster listed on its website at  Individuals making donations should be aware that there are opportunistic “scam” websites operating as well.  The New York Times recently published an article outlining the respected organizations where donations can make a difference.  Thank you for any support you can provide to those in need.

Students, please share any challenges this situation may be causing you with your professors or reach out to the Center for Cura Personalis at ext. 2227.  Employees are welcome to reach out to Human Resources at ext. 5996 as needed.

Sincerely yours,

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
President, Gonzaga University
August 31, 2017