Thoughts & Prayers for The Victims in Las Vegas

Our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers go out to the victims of the horrific mass shooting that occurred late last evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, and to their families and friends.  This was a terrible day in the annals of American history.

Together with Pope Francis and the leaders of our nation and our world, we stand with the victims and their loved ones, and join in solidarity with millions who are committed to being instruments of God’s peace in the world, sowing love in the face of hatred; forgiveness where there is injury; and bringing hope to those who despair of it. 
There are thirty-seven (37) students from Clark County, Nevada currently enrolled at Gonzaga, twenty-four (24) of whom are from Las Vegas, as well as numerous alumni and friends residing in the area.  Many people have been, and will continue to be, affected by the violence perpetrated by the gunman in this terrible tragedy.  We are thankful for those law enforcement officers and other first responders who intervened, and whose efforts without question saved additional lives. 
I would ask that you please keep all those impacted by yesterday’s events in your thoughts and prayers.
Students, please share any challenges this situation may be causing you with your professors or reach out to the Center for Cura Personalis at ext. 2227.  Employees are welcome to reach out to Human Resources at ext. 5996 as needed.

Sincerely yours,

Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil.
President, Gonzaga University
October 2, 2017