Welcome to Gonzaga Intramurals!

Intramurals is one of the most popular undergraduate attractions on campus with over 3,000 students participating annually equaling over 60% of the student population.  The purpose of Intramurals is to provide opportunities for individual development through various sports and activities, increase socialization, growth of lasting friendships and recreation for individuals, regardless of their skill or ability.

  • Intramurals is one of the largest student groups on campus
  • Ranked #8 in the nation for participation
  • Annually average approximately 60% of undergraduate student participation
  • 30 Sports and Events offered throughout the academic year

New Updates for 2017-2018

  • The payment process is changing! We are going from team fees to individual all-access payment packages. 
  • COED OPEN LEAGUES: There are no restrictions regarding sport clubs or gender
  • COED CLUB LEAGUES: Any social or business clubs (this league is not intended for sport clubs) may sign up for this league for team building and socialization within the clubs and players can also sign up for another coed league with their friends!
  • Summer drop-in sports/events (coming Summer of 2018)

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