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Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts scheduled?

The tryout information meeting is usually held in the evening on the first day of fall semester. Tryout workshops or practices are typically held during the first two weekends of school in the Martin Centre (i.e. Friday-Saturday) with Final Tryouts scheduled on the second Sunday of fall semester.

Do you offer cheerleading scholarships?

No. Cheerleading is not considered a scholarship sport at GU. In place of this, Gonzaga Athletics pays for uniforms, equipment, and some travel expenses.

Does Gonzaga attend competitions?

No, Gonzaga does not offer a competitive cheerleading program. The primary focus of the cheerleading program is to support Athletics and enhance crowd involvement.

Do you have open tryouts or practices?

No. For safety and privacy, all practices are closed to spectators. If you are a prospective student visiting the university, contact the coach to arrange an appointment to view and meet the team.

What is the time commitment for Gonzaga Cheerleaders?

Time commitment varies throughout the year. Due to the fact that tryouts are held when Fall Semester begins, September is one of the hardest months of the cheerleading season. Once the team is selected, there is only a month and a half to prepare for the first game. As a result, there are 3-4 practices per week through the month of October. Practices are two or three hours in length.

In November, preseason games begin. The number of practices held per week depends on the game schedule. For example, one week can have two practices and two games. Then the following week, there may be four games and no practice. It all depends on the game schedule. In December, there are usually no practices. However, there are five - seven games, dead week, and finals happening during that month. 

After Winter Break, regular conference games begin and the cheerleading time commitment is relatively easy. Game days are always Thursdays and Saturdays until the first week of March. In January, practices are only held once or twice per week. In February, there is one or no practice per week.

What are other requirements for Gonzaga Cheerleaders?GU Cheerleaders are required to attend all scheduled practices, promotional appearances,  and perform at all home Men's and Women's Basketball games. In addition, we appear at other university events, such as GEL and Freshmen Orientation, and perform community service. Cheerleaders are also expected to attend summer cheer camp mid-August.Is there a height and weight requirement?

No. The program does not maintain a height and weight requirement. We do require that all potential members maintain an appropriate physique in order to perform various partner stunts, gymnastic skills, and dance routines.

How many cheerleaders make up the team?

There are 16 members of the Cheerleading team:  8 females, 8 males. However, only 12 cheerleaders are designated to travel for post-season play such as the WCC and NCCA Basketball tournaments. In the event of an injury or unavoidable absence, any of the four members originally not designated to travel may fill-in needed positions at the Coach's discretion.

How much does it cost to be a Gonzaga Cheerleader?

On average, a new female member pays approximately $300 out-of-pocket for additional personalized practice gear. For a new male cheerleader, he will pay approximately $200 out-of-pocket. Since veteran cheerleaders have acquired some practice gear during their previous membership, they usually pay less.; i.e. veteran females pay ~ $200, while veteran males pay ~ $100. Some out-of-pocket items include warm-ups, backpacks, sweatshirts, additional t-shirts. Payment for practice gear is due November 1st.

Is there anything else I should know about Gonzaga Cheerleading?

  In lieu of recent college cheerleading safety restrictions, skills requiring the use of mats on the basketball court are not permissible for Gonzaga Cheerleading (i.e. no basket tosses, no two-and-a-half high pyramids). To ensure the safety of all of its members, the program strictly adheres to Section H of the College Safety Rules set by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (aka AACCA).

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