JOPA Media

There are three subdivisions of JOPA's media holdings: MOVIE FILM, SOUND RECORDINGS and VIDEOCASSETTES.


The bulk of JOPA's film holdings were the 16mm productions ofFr. Edmund Anable, S.J., featuring Jesuit Alaskan Mission topics and scenes. Some transfers to videotape have been done; more are intended.



1 Anable Can #12. Title: Trail, Original [Part 1]. Contents: Unidentified.
2 Anable Can #11. Title: Trail, Original [Part 2]. Contents: Unidentified.
3 Anable Can #24,25. Title: American Stranger. Contents: Unidentified.
4 Anable Can #3. Title: Reindeer Roundup. Contents: Kotzebue, whale butchering; Hooper Bay, salmon processing; Nightmute/Nelson Is., sealing.
5 Anable Can #4. Title: Fishwheel, Original. Contents: St. Mary's, fishing and fish processing.
6 Anable Can #19. Title: Copper Valley. Contents: Building of Copper Valley; Reindeer.
7 Anable Can #5. Title: Fishwheel, To Be Edited. Contents: Fish and fish processing; King Is., walrus hunters; Nome, unloading the Umiak; Hooper Bay; Nulato, school and church; Holy Cross, baptism, classroom, Fr. Menager, S.J.
8 Anable Can #22. Title: St. Ignatius Mission. Contents: [1954 Centenniel Celebration?]
9 Anable Cans #2,6. Title: Trail, Duplicate. Contents: Diomede Island; Hooper Bay; Nulato; [?King Is., walrus hunting, launching the Umiak, walrus butchering, polar bear?].
10 Anable Can #16. Title: Fishwheel. Contents: Fish processing; Cannery barge Kio.
11 Anable Can #21. Title: "Good Louis" Views of the Mission. Contents: [?St. Ignatius Mission (MT), views and personalities, Good Friday liturgy?]
12 Anable Can #14. Title: Winter Fishing. Contents: Holy Cross, eel fishing; Eskimo blackfish traps and jigging; Indian old style fishtraps, fishnets and traps through ice.
13 Anable Can #13. Title: St. Mary's, Original. Contents: Unidentified.
14 Anable Can #26. Title: None. Contents: [?Alaska Missions?].
15 Anable Can #1. Title: Alaska Varia. Contents: Kotzebue, [shee] ice fishing; Eskimo girls paddle dance; Alakanuk, fish wheel and shee fishing; King Island, Umiak; Holy Cross, beaver pelts and play time; Hooper Bay, airplane, man and kayak; Kotzebue, church and graves, fox pelts; Copper Valley.
16 Anable Can #3. Title: SE Alaska Summer Trail. Contents: Southeastern AK, totems, salmon fishing, seals; Trip Downriver [Yukon], graves, boneyard cliffs, Nulato, unidentified woodyard, Eskimos and tatooed woman, Nenana.
17 Anable Can #8. Title: King Island. Contents: Unidentified.
18 Anable Can #6. Title: Trail, Original. Contents: Unidentified.
19 Anable Can #17. Title: Trail, Part I, Original?. Contents: Unidentified.
20 Anable Can #10. Title: None. Contents: King Is., walrus; Nome, reindeer; fishwheel.
21 Anable Can #23. Title: Holy Cross, ¬ Akulurak. Contents: Unidentified.
22 Anable Can #9. Title: Jesuit Missions, Reel 1, Silent. Contents: Summer and winter reindeer roundups; Kotzebue, beluga whale; Hooper Bay, cutting salmon; Nightmute/Nelson Island, seal pokes, church.
23 Anable Can #17. Title: St. Mary's, Reel 2. Contents: Buildings, activities, sports.
24 Anable Can #18. Title: Winter Fishing, Reel 4. Contents: Holy Cross, lampreys; Akulurak, blackfish; Unalakleet, trout; fishtraps.
25 Anable Can #25. Title: None. Contents: [?Alaska Missions?].
26 Anable Can #2. Title: King Islanders on King Is. Contents: Unidentified.
27 Anable 10-inch Can #1. Title: Walrus. Contents: Unidentified.
28 Mixed Collection of 7-inch and 9-inch reels. Contents: [?Alaska Missions?]



1 Title: Southeastern and Central Alaska Scenery, Winter and Summer. Contents: Mt. McKinley; Nome; Sitka; Palmer; Juneau; Skagway; Yukon; Mendenhall; Taku; Cannery and Salmon; Placer mining; Auk Lake; Columbia Glacier; Edgecomb; Seal Rock; Pioneer Home.
2 Title: St. Ignatius Anniversary. Contents: [?St. Ignatius Mission (MT) 1954 Centennial celebration?]



1 Title: Fr. Hubbard's Alaska Pictures. Contents: Unidentified.
2 Title: Montana Centennial: A Hundred Years in the Flathead Valley, Filmed and Narrated by Bernard Hubbard, ca. 1954. Contents: Unidentified.
3 Title: Nature's Prayer, by Hubbard, et al. Contents: Yellowstone [Park]; Crater Lake; Glacier Park; Joshua Trees; Grand Canyon; Petrified Forest.
4 Title: DeSmet/Sacred Heart Mission, Silent Film on Activities There. Contents: Unidentified.


1 Title: Alaska Missions, ca. 1950, silent, color. Contents: Little Diomede; Big Diomede; Holy Cross; St. Mary's/Akulurak.
2 Title: Alaska: People in Change, 2 reels, by the Catholic Church of Alaska. Contents: King Island; Emmanok; Fairbanks; Hunting and skinning; Household and school scenes; Native dancing; Bush planes; Elevated pipeline; Diaconate ordination and sermon.
3 Mixed 7-inch Collection. Contents: King Island; Point Hope; Unalakleet.
4 Mixed 7-inch Collection. Contents: Holy Cross; Copper Valley; St. Mary's; Diomede; Akulurak; Pilgrim Springs; Mountain Village; Nome, reindeer races; Yukon River scenes; Hooper Bay; Nelson Island; Fishwheel and salmon cannery.


Contents: DeSmet/Sacred Heart Mission [ID]; St. Ignatius Mission [MT]; St. Mary's, Stevensville and Ft. Owen [MT]; Jocko, church [MT]; Blackfeet Reservation, Heart Butte and Browning [MT]; Cusick [WA]; Mount St. Michaeal's [WA]; Portland Missions Office [OR]; Indians; Fr. Cornelius Byrne, S.J.; First Masses of Frs. Keating, S.J. and Brown, S.J.


1 Title: Jesuits: The Hated Society, by TimeLife Films, Inc., R106. Contents: Unidentified.
2 Title: Jesuit Missions in the 1970s, by Jesuit Seminary and Mission Bureau, New York. Contents: Highlights of the keynote speech of Rev. Pedro Arrupe, General Superior of S.J., at Jesuit Mission Bureau annual dinner, [ca. 1972].


Title: Situation at Pt. Barrow, by Dr. James Townsend, Director of Health, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. Contents: Pt. Barrow and Health Stations enroute; Construction of a new hospital.

1 Title: Coronation of Pius XII, 1939.
2 Title: Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy.


Magnetic tape is by far the predominate format, although also included are wire recordings and vinyl imprints. A considerable number of audio taped oral history interviews with members of theJesuit Oregon Province exist, many with an accompanying transcription. Much fundamental work is still needed, however,before a comprehensive finding aid to an accessible, distinct audio cassette collection can be provided. A provisional subject list of personal names follows:

Margaret Adams; Pat Afcan; Edmund Anable; Margaret Andrew; PedroArrupe; Rene Astruc; Bernard Bassett; Russell Boehning; Bp. GeorgeBoileau; E. Boutelier; Edward Budde; Cornelius Byrne; GeorgeCarroll; Richard Chartrand; Van Francis Christoph; Phillip Clark;William Codd; Jules Convert; Joseph Conyard; Thomas Cunningham;Arnold Custer; Sr. Mary Desmond; Bernard DeVoto; Robert Drinan;Arthur Dussault; Leo Eckstein; Jack Evoy; Frank Fallert; ChrisFellenz; George Feltes; Francis Fox; John Fox; John Fulford; LeoGaffney; Kenneth Galbraith; Sr. Edward George; Francis Gubbins;Peter Halpin; Albert Heinrich; Mark Hoelsken; Patrick Howell;Bernard Hubbard; James Kiely; Bellarmine LaFortune; Steven Lantry;Jack Leary; Joseph Ledit; Albert Lemieux; Joseph Logan; MartinLonneaux; William Loyens; Joseph Maguire; Clair Marshall; ReneMaurich; Francis McGarrigle; James McGoldrick; Arthur McNeil;Francis Menager; Jack Morris; Cornelius Mullen; J.V. Murphy;Francis Nawn; Joseph Nealen; Raymond Nichols; Paul O Connor; John OHara; Michael O Mallen; Bp. Antulio Parrila; Norman Peppin; JamesPoole; Bill Prasch; Aloysius Roccati; Irene Reed; Paul Sauer; LeoSchmid; Wilfred Schoenberg; Harold Small; Jacob Spils; GerardSteckler; Urban Steinmetz; Louis Taelman; Martha Teeluk; LeeTeufel; Erwin Toner; Margaret Tunuchak; Andrew Vachon; KevinWaters; Phillip Wheaton.


Ca. 2 cu. ft. of 1/2-inch VHS cassettes, featuring Northwest andAlaskan Catholic History.