Digital Collection Team

The Digital Collection Team at the Foley Center Library is a cross-department group of employees dedicated to preserve the past and present life at Gonzaga for future generations to enjoy. This group works on digitizing, adding metadata and creating public displays of images, audio and video.

The group is made up of:

Sydney Chambers, Cataloging Librarian
Sydney is the expert for all things meta-data.

Renee Massicotte, Digital Archives Assistant
Renee holds a new position that is evolving, she assists all members of the group.

Kathleen O'Connor, Asst Dean to Library Technology
Kathleen is the Digital Collection Team Administrator.

Stephanie Plowman, Special Collections Librarian
Stephanie is the Gonzaga Archives specialist.

John Spencer, Reference Librarian
John is the Public Services representative on the committee to give an end-user's perspective.

Brenda Warrington, Web Specialist
Brenda is the technical support and advisor of the group.

Digital Archives Unit

Kathleen, John, Stephanie and Renee in the Digital Collection Workroom