Electronic Information Technology Accessibility (EITA)

Welcome from the EITA Specialist for Gonzaga University!

"Gonzaga University seeks to provide equal access consistent with applicable federal laws, state laws, and Gonzaga policies for persons with disabilities, including students, employees, and the public. Equal access applies to all educational programs, employment, activities, events, and services the university operates."  ~www.gonzaga.edu/eita

Meet Morgan Parker!

Morgan Parker is Gonzaga University's EITA Specialist. She is happy to assist Gonzaga faculty, staff, and students by providing training and support in their efforts to make all electronic information accessible. Morgan can be reached by phone at (509) 313-5826 or email at EITA@gonzaga.edu or parkerm@gonzaga.edu.  

For information on EITA support and campus resources, please see the Electronic Information Technology Accessibility website

Photo of Morgan Parker, EITA Specialist for Gonzaga

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