Baseline FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions regarding Baseline by Campus Labs. Please do not hesitate to contact the ATAS department with further questions or comments about Baseline.

1 . How do I get a Baseline account?^

To request a Baseline by Campus Labs account, please contact ATAS at or 509-313-3972 or stop by and see us in Suite 303 of the Foley Center Library. To set up your account, we only need your Gonzaga email address and department name. We will send you log-in instructions once your account has been set up.

There are no limits to the number of users allowed, and each department, program, school/college, or division can have individual accounts for users to access shared data.

2 . Why do I want a Baseline account?^

There are many reasons to have a Baseline account! 

For Faculty & Staff:

  • Assessment Toolkit: Surveys, Rubrics, Student Response Sessions, Assessment Webinars & Resources
  • Custom Surveys - create/edit surveys yourself or have Campus Labs do the work for you
  • Mass Mailing System - allows you to send reminders to only the survey recipients who have not yet opened the survey
  • Evaluations and Reports - collect student feedback and export data into many forms, including Word, PDF, SPSS and Excel
  • Student Response Sessions - conduct formative assessment, get real-time feedback, allows for audience visualization, a great alternative to "clickers"
  • Rubrics - access and edit existing templates or create your own electronic rubric
  • Library of Shared Projects - access survey projects used by many other higher education institutions (no need to recreate the wheel!)
  • Assessment Resources - The Baseline Support site offers resources such as webinars, forms/documents, and frequently asked questions, as well as an “Assessment Lab” of best practices and resources for every step of the assessment cycle.

3 . How much does an account cost?^

Free to individuals and departments! This is because Gonzaga already has a paid enterprise-wide license agreement with Campus Labs.

4 . I am having trouble logging into my Baseline account, what do I do?^

First, it is important to know that all Gonzaga community members do not automatically have Baseline accounts. ATAS will create an account for you upon request.

Once you have a Baseline account, you may access the program with your Gonzaga username and password:

  1. Type in your web browser
  2. Enter your Gonzaga user name and password

If you have any issues or questions about your account, please contact ATAS at or (509) 313-3972.

5 . How do I find my department's survey projects?^

Click "Manage Projects" on the left side of the Baseline homepage.

6 . Can I create my own surveys or must the Baseline Support Team create them for me?^

Yes, you can create your own surveys! If you are under a deadline and cannot wait the four-day lead-time for the Baseline Support Team to build your survey, you can create and edit your own survey projects. If you have an existing Baseline account, and do not see a button for "Create Project" under the Projects area of Baseline, please contact ATAS and request that we add Self-Service Builder to your Baseline account. Note: for new users, we are now adding Self-Service Builder to all accounts upon set-up.

For most survey projects, we recommend that you "Request a Project" and have the Baseline Support Team do the work for you. They can save you time by building the survey (including skip logic) as well as provide you with valuable feedback with regard to structure, order, and design. Also, as long as you have Self-Service Builder added to your Baseline account, you will be able to make edits to survey projects created for you by the Baseline Support Team.

If you need Self-Service Builder added to your Baseline account, please contact ATAS at or (509) 313-3972.

7 . When do I need to go through the IRB process?^

The IRB ensures ethical practices occur when research involves human subjects. Whenever you are conducting human subject research as part of your study, please follow the guidelines, processes, and expectations of Gonzaga's IRB. For more information on what the IRB does and the definition of human subject research, click here. If needed, the Baseline support team can provide you with information and suggestions to help make your survey IRB compliant; call (716) 270-0000 or email

8 . Are the Baseline tools compliant with accessibility standards?^

Please visit the Campus Labs' website and read their Accessibility Statement; here is the URL for reference:

9 . What is the Student Response System (SRS)?^

One component of the Baseline system is the Student Response System (SRS), which can be used for formative assessment while instructing or presenting. Students can use their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or a computer lab computer to participate during class, providing the instructor with valuable feedback as to whether students are “getting it” while teaching. This tool is a great alternative to “clickers” because all that is needed to participate is a web browser and an Internet connection. Each Baseline account comes with an individual SRS identification number. When you are ready for your class to participate, ask them to log into and enter your unique identification number. As soon as you click start on a question it will pop up on the students' devices and, if you wish, the students will be able to see the compilation of responses coming in live via your classroom projector/screen. Results can be exported into Excel for further analysis.

Below are links to additional resources found on the Baseline website:

Using the Student Response System: A Quick "How To" Guide:
Student Response System (SRS) FAQ:    

10 . Can I change the redirect webpage that participants land on upon survey completion?^

The default setting for all surveys is to redirect participants to the home page upon completion. If a department would like survey participants to be redirected to a different webpage, such as their department page, upon survey completion (for all departmental surveys), please let ATAS know and we can set that up. Also, if you would like the redirect webpage to be set to a specific webpage for a particular project, we can make that happen too.

To request a specific redirect landing page for either departments or individual projects, please contact ATAS at or (509) 313-3972.