Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What is Work Study?^

Students awarded work study have satisfied requirements through their FAFSA filing that makes them eligible for either Federal (on-campus) or State Work Study (off-campus). This gives  students the opportunity to earn money that can be put toward their living expenses or their tuition that is actually paid out of either Federal or State funds. One of the benefits of any money earned through work study is that it is not considered as an income resource on the next year's FAFSA.

2 . How do I know if I have Work Study (either Federal or State)?^

You will receive notice and should go to Zagweb to view your Financial Aid Award which will include whether you have been awarded Federal or State Work Study. SWS is only awarded to Washington State residents.  If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 509-313-4236.

3 . Can students not eligible for work study still get jobs on campus?^

Yes, any enrolled Gonzaga student is eligible to apply for Institutional jobs on campus. Institutional jobs are paid for by the department's budget. You may inquire with the Student Employment Office as to positions available, or you may contact various departments to determine if such employment exists.

4 . What is the best time to start looking for a job?^

Students should start looking for a job as close to the start of the semester as possible. You can either come into the Student Employment Office or you can view our on-line FWS Job Board or our on-line SWS Job Board. If you are unable to begin your search before school starts, you will want to come to the Student Employment Office the first day you arrive on campus. For on-campus jobs plan on attending the Job Fair during Orientation Weekend.  Freshmen students will receive emails during the Summer, sent to their zagmail email, giving information about the various work opportunties and how to take advantage of them.  For returning students, the best time to look at getting a job is before they leave for the Summer.

5 . How do I apply for a job?^

For on-campus jobs, once you have found a position you'd like to apply for, contact the hiring supervisor and let them know if you are eligible for FWS or are looking for an institutinal job.  The hiring supervisor will then let you know what the interviewing and hiring procedures are. For off-campus SWS jobs, you will receive a SWS Hire Form that you will take to off-campus employers that are part of the SWS program.  It is advisable to have a resume ready.

6 . How do I know which positions are available?^

Federal Work Study positions are posted on our on-line FWS Job Board, and handouts are available in the Student Employment Office. Institutional positions are also available by handout in the Student Employment Office. You will see which departments have positions available and whom to contact. State Work Study positions are posted on our on-line SWS Job Board. On the job board you will see which employers have current openings, where they are located, and the contact person. Off-campus, non-work study jobs are posted on the Community Job Board located in the glass case outside the Admission Office and on our website.

7 . What do I do if I am offered a job? What documents do I need to complete my hiring paperwork?^

If you are offered an on-campus FWS or Institutional position, your first stop is the Student Employment Office to process your mandatory hiring paperwork. This paperwork must be done before your first day of work. You will be required to complete a Hire PAR form as well as an I-9 Form and a W-4 Form before you begin working. Original documentation, such as a social security card, passport or original or certified copy of a birth certificate, is required to complete this paperwork. Please bring your original documents to the Student Employment Office. If you are offered a SWS position, you must pick up your State Work Study Hire Form in the Student Employment Office. The SWS Hire Form must be completed by your employer and returned to the Student Employment Office prior to your first day of employment.

8 . How many hours can I work each week?^

On-campus, students can work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and up to 40 hours a week during holidays or Summer. Most students work an average of 10-15 hours a week while taking classes. Students working off-campus under SWS are able to work up to a maximum of 19 hours a week, and 40 during holidays and breaks.

9 . What happens if I choose not to use my Work Study award?^

Nothing happens other than a resource to earn money for tuition or expenses was not taken advantage of. Please notify Financial Aid and Student Employment if you choose not to use your award.

10 . How do I get paid?^

Wages are paid directly to you whether it is through the University or an off-campus employer. All on-campus student workers will be paid by direct deposit. You must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form for the Payroll Office; therefore, you need to bring your bank account information with you including your account and routing numbers.  A cancelled check works for this as well. Forms will be available in the Payroll and Student Employment Offices. You may also elect to have your earnings deposited to your Student Account. Please see the Student Accounts Office for the proper paper work. Students working on campus are paid twice a month,  If you have an off-campus position, your pay periods will be set by your employer.