Mobile Devices


ITS can assist you in three ways with mobile devices: 

1.) Connect you to the network:

  • Go to 'Settings', confirm 'Wi-Fi' is set to on,  
  • Select 'Gonzaga Community'
  •  Enter your current Gonzaga username and password, then 'Join'
  • Then accept the certificate 

2.) Set up your Email:

In order for your individual wireless device to work with ZagMail, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Please note:  Steps 1 and 2 are required and should be completed FIRST, before selecting the link for your specific phone. 

Step 1.) Enable IMAP by going here.

Step 2.) Setting IMAP Password by following these steps: 
               a. Log into ZagMail using your current ZagNet username and password
               b. click on Settings in the upper right hand corner
               c. Select the Accounts link on the top
               d. Click on Google Account Settings
               e. Click on change password 
Step 3.) Select your individual device:
               b. iPhone
               c. Android
               e. Windows Mobile 6

 3.) Removing data from your devices: Call (509-313-5550) or email the IT Support Center for more information.


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