Office of Mission


The Vice-President for Mission attends to the Jesuit, Catholic, and humanistic mission of Gonzaga University and seeks to make it a pervasive, energizing part of the entire fabric of the university.

In keeping with the mission, the office will develop programs and initiatives which engage faculty, staff, students, trustees, and regents in the understanding of our Jesuit and Catholic identity and commitments.  The Office supports all members of the Gonzaga community in their professional and personal exploration of Gonzaga’s mission; faith and intellectual life; Jesuit higher education; Ignatian spirituality; social justice; and her or his own spiritual journey.

By promoting opportunities for mission development, reflection, attentiveness and action, the Office of the Mission Vice-President encourages faculty and staff of every faith to see their work as part of a larger effort to serve our globalized world and explore the various ways in which faith and justice are at the very heart of Gonzaga’s educational mission.

Because our work involves people in every area of the university, the Vice-President for Mission is advised by a Mission Advisory Committee, the members of which provide insight and guidance.  The Mission Division includes the Office of the Vice-President for Mission and University Ministry.  The Vice-President reports directly to the university president, who is the chief spokesperson for Gonzaga’s mission and identity.

Thank you for visiting the Mission web site.  We hope you will be a regular visitor to discover more about our mission; explore Jesuit higher education; reflect on your spiritual life; collaborate with colleagues on mission related projects; and share insights and best practices from your own experience as an Ignatian educator, whether you are a faculty member, staff person, student, trustee, or regent.

Vice President for Mission
Frank E. Case, S.J.
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA 99258-0074
509.313.6092 fax

Assistant Vice President for Mission
James Voiss, S.J.

Special Assistant to the Vice President
George Morris, S.J.

Alumni Faith Formation Coordinator
Erik Mertens

Assistant to the Office of Mission
Shanea Giroux