Refrigerator Rental

Looking at renting a refrigerator for the year?

Email or call (509) 313-4524

Once paid for, refrigerators can be picked up at a location that NRHH will e-mail to you prior to Orientation Weekend. NRHH asks that you bring your receipt with you when you pick up your fridge.

Costs per year are as follows:

  • White mini fridge with freezer: $125*
  • Black mini fridge with freezer: $125*
  • Brown mini refrigerator & microwave: $125*

*Rental fee is $75; the $125 includes a $50 refundable deposit if refrigerator is returned clean and in working condition at the end of the academic year.

TIP: Please make sure to check with your roommate when you receive that information in August to see if they are bringing a refrigerator!


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