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Student Projects

Gonzaga Environmental Organization (GEO)

The Gonzaga Environmental Organization exists to promote the creation of a greener campus and community, the protection and enhancement of nature, and education about and enjoyment of our environment, all through action and leadership.

For more information please visit the GEO facebook page

GU Outdoors

GU Outdoors provides students with an opportunity to explore the wild areas surrounding Spokane with trips for rafting, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. It gives them the chance to learn skills related to these activities as well as to learn about the wildlife and ecology of the Inland Northwest.

For more information about GU Outdoors contact David Gilbert, visit them in the basement of Crosby, or see the GU Outdoors website

Environmental Law Caucus

The Environmental Law Caucus fosters a greater awareness of the environment and its conservation through events designed to enhance our community. Through social and educational functions, students will learn more about the Pacific Northwest and may even identify a new area of interest within the law as well. The Environmenta Law Caucus helps promote community, friendship, and an appreciation of the environment. All students are welcome to join.

For more information please visit the Environmental Law Caucus page

GU Ethical Awareness Together (E.A.T)

E.A.T. serves as a resource and a voice for students who seek to understand the ethical implications of our eating habits or gain better knowledge of nutrition. E.A.T is also a vehicle of change toward a sustainable and ethically just food system. A student run initiative E.A.T strives to educate students about our current food system at Gonzaga and its implications on campus and in our greater Spokane community, as well as the affects of our personal eating habits on our bodies, our communities, and our earth . As a student movement, we will work to align our food system with our University Mission Statement.

For more information contact

GU Without Borders

Gonzaga Without Borders is dedicated to educating students and faculty about international service and global engagement. GWB is working on a long term international development project and monthly local community service.

For more information contact 

Net Impact

The Gonzaga University Undergraduate Net Impact Chapter provides students with the resources and opportunities necessary to be active, informed global citizens and powerful catalysts for social good throughout their careers and their lives. Our goal is to help you discover your passion and then plug you in with opportunities to use your talents to work towards your passion.

For more information visit the or send questions to