Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

To ensure that students have adequate medical coverage, all registered students are automatically enrolled in a Student Accidental Injury Insurance Plan. The purpose of this plan is to cover accidental injuries that may be treated at the student Health Center, other local provider or for medical expenses that may not be covered by the student's primary insurance coverage. The plan covers basic medical expenses at 80% with no deductible. It also provides an accidental death and dismemberment coverage and travel assistance services for students who travel 100 miles or more from their home. The annual maximum benefit is $5,000.

Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan

Students who need more comprehensive medical coverage may elect to be covered under the Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan must elect to be covered by October 1, 2013 for the full academic year and Fall Semester coverage. Students entering school for the Spring Semester may elect coverage until February 15, 2013. Students must be taking 6 or more credit hours per semester to be eligible for the coverage. A student who loses coverage from another source during the school year will have 30 days to elect this coverage from the date of their coverage loss.

To enroll in the coverage, please enroll online by clicking on the link below.

The medical plan provides 80% coverage within the carrier's network and 60% coverage outside the network. There is an annual deductible of $100 for the illness benefit and a maximum benefit of $100,000 per policy year.

Students may call the insurance representative at 800-955-1991 x7455 or email Debbie at with questions regarding this coverage.

Click on the link below if you are an international (ESL) student enrolling in the Student Insurance plan:

Students who have enrolled in the program may download the ID card below. The card will indicate proof of coverage and explain the claims process.

If you would like to file a claim, please follow the directions on the claim form below and mail to the address provided on the form.

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Phone: 509.313.5996
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